Disaster Management in the Balme Library, University Of Ghana, Legon

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University of Ghana


The Balme Library is set up to provide materials for researchers, lecturers. students and the general public To protect and preserve these materials from being destroyed by pests, rainstorm. fire or any natural or man-made hazards there IS the need to have a comprehensive management plan aimed at preventing or mitigation the effects of disasters in the library. Potential hazards and areas prone to disasters have been Identified through risk assessment questionnaires, personal interviews, and documentary sources The study reveals the existence of fire and flood hazards in addition to the presence of Biological chemical and' mechanical deterioration However, the Inadequate measures In place indicates that there is no disaster management plan In the library In View of the above, several suggestions and recommendations were made In order draw up a disaster management plan for the library.


MA. Library Studies


Balme Library, Disaster, management plan