University of Ghana Internal Audit Charter

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University of Ghana


The University recognizes the Internal Audit Directorate as a strategic unit to promote governance, assess risk management practices, and improve internal controls. An organization is as good as the quality of its internal audit unit. The Statutes of the University of Ghana highlight at Statute 8(1) that, “the University shall be managed and administered in accordance with sound and internationally acceptable practices, benchmarks, principles and ideas on university management and administration, including the principles of academic and financial integrity, confidentiality, accountability, transparency, fairness and equality of opportunity”. As a result, this Internal Audit Charter has been developed and approved by Council to set out the policies and procedures for carrying out the internal audit function of the University. The Council of the University has approved the Charter and wishes to inform all employees of its existence and that it must be complied with at all times. All officers and units shall in accordance with the Charter and decisions of the Council, undergo internal audit processes in strict adherence to the requirements stated therein. Thus, employees who contravene the Charter will be considered to be in breach of their duties towards the University and Council, and will be considered for disciplinary action. This will also apply to employees who are aware of deliberate deviations from the Charter by others and become complicit by not reporting their concerns or knowledge to the relevant University Authorities or any member of Council.


University of Ghana Internal Audit Charter


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