University of Ghana Customer Service Policy

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University of Ghana


This Customer Service Policy is a code of customer service conduct that deliberately spells out how all University of Ghana employees should work so as to improve the overall customer experience for all our various stakeholders. It is a social contract that delineates the service delivery and compliance standards between the University of Ghana and its various stakeholder (customer) audiences. A customer service policy ensures that each member of the University of Ghana community fully realises the utmost importance of serving their customers consistently with the same high quality of service commitment - irrespective of which department or unit the employee may work in; or at what rank they are currently operating at. The ability of the University of Ghana to improve its global relevance in the attraction of international students and faculty will be greatly enhanced if we all display the customer-oriented attitudes enshrined in this Customer Service Policy. The University of Ghana Customer Service Policy has as its overriding objective, the desire to get University of Ghana employees to always strive to put the needs of external customers before their own and that providing empathetic, consistent and responsive service is everyone’s responsibility. This Customer Service Policy will be one of our key strategies for improving the professionalism of the service we deliver as a leading tertiary institution in Africa. The University of Ghana will constantly strive to build and maintain positive relationships with its esteemed stakeholders and this customer service policy serves as a set of rules and path, which when followed will lead to the achievement of service excellence at the University of Ghana.


University of Ghana Customer Service Policy


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