Growing Up With Disability in Ghana: Experiences and Perspectives

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Ghana Social Science Journal


Despite the international conventions and national laws that exist to ensure the welfare of people living with disabilities, major issues of abuse and neglect continue to persist in Ghana. The paper looks at the challenges associated with growing up with disabilities in Ghana. It examines the factors that contribute to the maltreatment of children living with disabilities (CWDs), and the nature and effects of such maltreatment. In-depth interviews were held with children and adults with disabilities, community members and officials working with or on behalf of CWDs. The findings indicate that poverty, ignorance and societal perceptions, and the general inadequacy of facilities for the care of CWDs contribute to their abuse and neglect. The study recommends communitywide education on the causes of disability and the need for social workers to act to influence policy implementation


Ghana Social Science Journal, 17 (1)


Child abuse, Child maltreatment, Child neglect, Disabilities, Ghana