Helmer Pettersen, September 9, 1999

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The interview was recorded in Oslo, Norway,on September 9, 1999.The Interviewer was Jean Krasno. Norwegian police officer Helmer Pettersen was recruited as a candidate for the Police Academy in 1966 and left the Police Academy in 1969. He started to become involved with the United Nations in 1983, when he went to South Lebanon as a United Nations peacekeeper. Subsequently, Mr. Pettersen spent two and a half years in the Middle East. In 1989, he was involved in the peacekeeping operations as a police officer in Namibia. Mr. Pettersen was still serving in the Norwegian police force when this interview was conducted on 9 September 1999. Here, he talks about his experiences as a station commander in the last deployment to Namibia to ensure the elections were conducted fairly. He shares his experiences, from the difficulties encountered in camp to communication with the Civilian Police (CIVPOL) and plainclothes officers. He evaluates the importance of peacekeeping troops then and their relevance today.


Helmer Pettersen, Namibia, Eenhana, SWAPO, Koevoet