Walter Eytan,June 20,1990

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The interview was recorded at the New York ,on June 20, 1990. The Interviewer was Jean Krasno. Mr. Walter Eytan was a member of the Jewish Agency delegation at the United Nations General Assembly in 1947. In this role Mr. Eytan supervised the lobbying efforts of the delegation, which was intended to help gain a favourable vote in the General Assembly and ensure the legitimacy of the State of Israel. In 1948, once recognition was achieved, Mr. Eytan was declared Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, serving in this post from 1948 to 1959. Mr. Eytan continued to serve in a diplomatic capacity after his time as Director General and was assigned to serve as the Israeli Ambassador to France from 1959 to 1970. Retired at the time of the interview, conducted on 20 June 1990, Mr. Eytan discussed the creation of the State of Israel, the question of Palestine and United Nations involvement in the Arab-Israeli crisis.


The Jewish Agency, The New York Delegation, UN Special Committee on Palestine, General Assembly, Jerusalem, UN Mediation, Armistice Negotiations at Rhodes, UNTSO, Mixed Armistice Commission