African mothers: A case study of northern Ghanaian women

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Africa in the 21st Century: Toward a New Future


Like their ancestors before them and the generations to come, African Mothers including Diasporan sisters, wherever their location, will either help to betray or redeem Africa knowingly or unknowingly. The ability of Mothers to make any conscious decision in this regard is tempered by the impact of European and Arab cultural imperialism, materially, mentally and spiritually. Two significant groups of Mothers who hold allegiance to their ancestors are identified. One group includes sisters of the diaspora, living outside Africa, some of whose ancestors have not lived in Africa for centuries. Their consciousness has grown from the cultural remnants of their historical legacy as descendents who arrived in Europe and the Americas at different times for different reasons ranging from enslavement and refugeeism to finding work. The other group of Mothers are indigenous to Africa practicing Traditional values and beliefs that have been handed down for millennia under continuous unbroken assault.