Performance Evaluation of Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Techniques in Single Mode Fibre for Radio over Fibre Applications

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Science and Development (A Journal of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS), University of Ghana)


With the increasing growth and high demand for data, fiber optic transmission, especially radio over fibre (RoF), has become a viable option for data and wireless communication. In such systems however, dispersion is a huge limiting factor in achieving the high data transmission rates. This work reviews current dispersion systems and proposes a system of dispersion compensation with fibre grating. Simulations are conducted using Optisystem 7.0 at varied data rates of 10, 20 and 40Gbps over a 200km transmission distance. The output is analyzed on parameters such as bit error rate (BER), Q-factor and eye height. It is shown that data rate exceeding 10 GB/s is achievable over a 200km distance.


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Radio over Fibre, LTE, Wimax, single mode fiber, 3G


Katsriku et al • Performance Evaluation of Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Techniques