'Dressed in Borrowed Robes': The Experience of the New Pentecostal Movements in Nigeria

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Ghana Journal of Religion and Theology (GJRT)


The leaders of the new Pentecostal Churches (NPC) are known to be very critical of the 'old ' African Indigenous Churches ' (AICs) beliefs and practices. It is fascinating however that the two (NPCs & AICs) have apparent prominent similarities. This article discusses eight spheres where the similarities are most noticeable. We argued that it is only natural to make a case that the influence passed on from the old (AICs) to the new denomination (NPCs). We observed that with more competitions amongst denominations for membership the spirit of mutual simulation is increasing. The article concludes that the mutual borrowing of ' attractive robes' by the main denominations in Nigeria has ecumenical implications. It should be more feasible now more than ever before for all denominations to work together towards new-fangled evangelism, church development and growth.



Robes, Borrowed, Pentecostal Movements, Nigeria