The Activities of Cattle at Pasture

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University of Ghana


The need for the study of pastirrin ■ activities of indigenous animals is outlined as a possible basis for improving animal production. The study is in three parts:- (i) Under local husbandry, free ranging, on natural grassland, to find out hew ranch browse tha animals take on free range. It is estimated that the local animal takes about 20$ browse and 80J? grass, in the dry season under conditions akin to Katsmensu. this supplies about 0,©lb digestible protein which satisfies the estimate r® uired for rapid growth. This contrasts with about 0,371b estimated for Ashaley Botwey and explains the differences in condition of animals in the 2 places. (ii) On woody pastures to find out how much Grewia, in ample supply, would contribute to the diet of the local animal, The proportions recorded are about UO'/i 60^- of brcTsae to grass, (iii) On Centrosema-Bangola pastures? to study the reaction of local animals to artificial pasture. The factors affecting behaviour are discussed, referring to work elsewhere. Uie relevance of the behaviour patterns observed is discussed with respect to husbandry implications. It is shown that the grazing times recorded in the 3 situations are not necessarily proportional to respective intakes.


Thesis(M.Sc)-University of Ghana, 1966