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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Human and murine CD4 T cell epitopes map to the same region of the malaria circumsporozoite protein: Limited immunogenicity of sporozoites and circumsporozoite protein.Dontfraid, F.; Cochran, M.A.; Pombo, D.; Knell, J.D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Kumar, S.; Good, M.F.
1992Identification of anti-plasmodium falciparum antibodies in human breast milkLeke, R.G.F.; Ndansi, R.; Southerland, N.J.; Quakyi, I.A.; Graves, P.M.; Drake, J.C.; Allegra, C.J.
2002Assessing CD4+ helper T-lymphocyte responses by lymphoproliferationQuakyi, I.A.; Ahlers, J.D.
1988Allelic forms of pg195, a major blood-stage antigen of plasmodium falciparum, are expressed in liver stagesSzarfman, A.; Walliker, D.; McBride, J.S.; Lyon, J.A.; Quakyi, I.A.; Carter, R.
1988A vaccine candidate from the sexual stage of human malaria that contains EGF-like domains.Kaslow, D.C.; Quakyi, I.A.; Syin, C.; Raum, M.G.; Keister, D.B.; Coligan, J.E.; Miller, L.H.
1990Conserved and variant epitopes of target antigens of transmission-blocking antibodies among isolates of plasmodium falciparum from malaysia.Foo, A.; Carter, R.; Lambros, C.; Graves, P.; Quakyi, I.A.; Dontfraid, F.; Lewis, Jr.G.E.
2009Factors associated with suboptimal intake of some important nutrients among HIV-positive pregnant adolescents from two Ghanaian districtsLaar, A.K.; Ampofo, W.K.; Tuakli, J.M.; Wonodi, C.; Asante, R.K.; Quakyi, I.A.
1987Genetic analysis of the human malaria parasite plasmodium falciparumWalliker, D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Wellems, T.E.; McCutchan, T.F.; Szarfman, A.; London, W.T.; Carter, R.
1994Analysis of human T cell clones specific for conserved peptide sequences within malaria proteins: Paucity of clones responsive to intact parasitesQuakyi, I.A.; Currier, J.; Fell, A.; Taylor, D.W.; Roberts, T.; Houghten, R.A.; Good, M.F.
1979Immunological abnormalities in caucasians with malariaQuakyi, I.A.; Voller, A.; Hall, A.P.