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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine-based intermittent preventive treatment, bed net use, and antenatal care during pregnancy: Demographic trends and impact on the health of newborns in the kassena nankana district, northeastern GhanaOduro, A.R.; Fryauff, D.J.; Koram, K.A.; Rogers, W.O.; Anto, F.; Atuguba, F.; Anyorigiya, T.; Adjuik, M.; Ansah, P.; Hodgson, A.; Nkrumah, F.
2011Antiplasmodial activity of extracts of tridax procumbens and phyllanthus amarus in in vitro plasmodium falciparum culture systemsAppiah-Opong, R.; Nyarko, A.K.; Dodoo, D.; Gyang, F.N.; Koram, K.A.; Ayisi, N.K.
Jan-2011Selective sweeps and genetic lineages of plasmodium falciparum drug -resistant alleles in GhanaAlam, M. T; De Souza, D. K; Vinayak, S.; Griffing, S. M; Poe, A. C.; Duah, N. O; Ghansah, A.; Asamoa, K.; Slutsker, L.; Wilson, M.D.; Barnwell, J.W.; Udhayakumar, V.; Koram, K.A.
3-Jul-2006Normal CD4+ T lymphocyte levels in HIV seronegative individuals in the Manya/Yilo krobo communities in the eastern region of Ghana.Ampofo, W.; Torpey, K.; Mukadi, Y.D.; Koram, K.A.; Nolan, K.; Amenyah, R.; Lamptey, P.
2002Does radical cure of asymptomatic plasmodium falciparum place adults in endemic areas at increased risk of recurrent symptomatic malaria?Owusu-Agyei, S.; Binka, F.; Koram, K.A.; Anto, F.; Adjuik, M.; Nkrumah, F.; Smith, T.
2009Effect of removing direct payment for health care on utilisation and health outcomes in Ghanaian children:Ansah, E.K.; Narh-Bana, S.; Asiamah, S.; Dzordzordzi, V.; Biantey, K.; Dickson, K.; Gyapong, J.O.; Koram, K.A.; Greenwood, B.M.; Mills, A.; Whitty, C.J.M.
2009Positive selection of a CD36 nonsense variant in sub-saharan Africa, but no association with severe malaria phenotypesFry, A.E.; Ghansa, A.; Small, K. S.; Palma, A.; Auburn, S.; Diakite, M.; Green, A.; Campino, S.; Teo, Y.Y.; Clarke, T.G.; Jeffreys, A.E.; Wilson, J.; Jallow, M.; Sisay-Joof, F.; Pinder, M.; Griffiths, M.J.; Peshu, N.; William, T.N.; Newton, C.R.; Marsh, K.; Molyneux, M.E.; Taylor, T.E.; Koram, K.A.; Oduro, A.R.; Roger, W.O.; Rockett, K.A.; Sabeti, P.C.; Kwiatkowski, D.P.
2008Efficacy of Amodiaquine/Artesunate combination therapy for uncomplicated malaria in children under five years in GhanaKoram, K.A.; Quaye, L.; Abuaku, B.K.
1999Risk factors for severe malaria: Importance of careful study design [2].Bennett, S.; Koram, K.A.; Greenwood, B.M.
May-2009Meiotic recombination generates rich diversity in NK cell receptor genes, alleles, and haplotypes.Norman, P. J.; Abi-Rached, L.; Gendzekhadze, K.; Hammond, J.A.; Moesta, A.K.; Sharma, D.; Graef, T.; McQueen, K.L.; Guethlein, L.A.; Carrington, C.V.F.; Chandanayingyong, D.; Chang, Y.-H.; Crespí, C.; Saruhan-Direskeneli, G.; Hameed, K.; Kamkamidze, G.; Koram, K.A.; Layrisse, Z.; Matamoros, N.; Milà, J.; Myoung, H.P.; Pitchappan, R.M.; Dan Ramdath, D.; Shiau, M.-Y.; Stephens, H.A.F.; Struik, S.; Tyan, D.; Verity, D.H.; Vaughan, R.W.; Davis, R.W.; Fraser, P.A.; Riley, E.M.; Ronaghi, M.; Parham, P.