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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2011Variant G57E of Mannose Binding Lectin Associated with Protection against Tuberculosis Caused by Mycobacterium africanum but not by M. tuberculosisThye, T.; Niemann, S.; Walter, K.; Homolka, S.; Intemann, C.D.; Chinbuah, M.A.; Enimil, A.; Gyapong, J.O.; Owusu-Dabo, E.; Rüsch-Gerdes, S.; Horstmann, R.D.; Ehlers, S.; Meyer, C.G.
2009Autophagy Gene Variant IRGM 2261T Contributes to Protection from Tuberculosis Caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis but Not by M. africanum StrainsIntemann, C.D.; Thye, T.; Niemann, S.; Browne, E.N.L.; Chinbuah, M.A.; Enimil, A.; Gyapong, J.O.; Osei, I.; Owusu-Dabo, E.; Helm, S.; Rüsch-Gerdes, S.; Horstmann, R.D.; Meyer, C.G.
2011Mapping helminth co-infection and co-intensity: geostatistical prediction in GhanaSoares Magalhães, R.J.; Biritwum, N.K.; Gyapong, J.O.; Brooker, S.; Zhang, Y.; Blair, L.; Fenwick, A.; Clements, A.C.
Jun-2009Current practices in the management of lymphatic filariasis ( Review )Bockarie, M.J.; Taylor, M.J.; Gyapong, J.O.
Mar-1996Rapid community diagnosis of lymphatic filariasisGyapong, J.O.; Adjei, S.; Gyapong, M.; Asamoah, G.
1996Filariasis in northern Ghana: Some cultural beliefs and practices and their implications for disease controlGyapong, M.; Gyapong, J.O.; Adjei, S.; Vlassoff, C.; Weiss, M.
2008What are the Technical and Allocative Efficiencies of Public Health Centres in GhanaAkazili, J.; Adjuik, M.; Chatio, S.; Kanyomse, E.; Hodgson, A.; Aikins, M.; Gyapong, J.O.
2009Epidemiology of malaria in the forest-savanna transitional zone of GhanaOwusu-Agyei, S.; Asante, K.P.; Adjuik, M.; Adjei, G.; Awini, E.; Adams, M.; Newton, S.; Dosoo, D.; Dery, D.; Agyeman-Budu, A.; Gyapong, J.O.; Greenwood, B.; Chandramohan, D.
1996Introducing insecticide impregnated bednets in an area of low bednet usage: an exploratory study in north‐east GhanaGyapong, M.; Gyapong, J.O.; Amankwa, J.; Asedem, J.; Sory, E.