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Title: Emotional Intelligence And Employees’ Commitment To Change: The Role Of Regulations in Ghana
Authors: Anku-Tsede, O.
Akudugu, A.M.
University of Ghana, College of Humanities, Development Studies
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: University of Ghana
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between emotional intelligence and employees’ commitment to change. It was also aimed at exploring the roles regulations play during organizational change assignments. In order to accomplish these objectives, survey questionnaires and interviews were used to sample views of employees of Ghana Revenue Authority in order to gather their perspectives on the change process that was initiated by their organization in 2009. Results from the analysis show that, apart from being minimally self-aware, there is no relationship between emotional intelligence and employees’ commitment to change. However, results from the analysis of the interviews indicated that regulations play crucial role in employees’ commitment to change as well as sometimes triggering the need for change. It was concluded that despite the adverse findings with regard to the issue of emotional intelligence in relation to commitment to change, the concept of emotional intelligence should not be relegated to the background during change assignments as the findings might be unique and could be emanating from the unique characteristics of those surveyed. It is therefore recommended that proper training mechanisms and communication strategies must always be put in place before any change assignment in order that employees’ self-awareness, which is a prerequisite for change success, can be elevated. It is further recommended that before implementing a change programme, proper regulations must also be put in place and conscious efforts be made to ensure that employees better understand them and their positive implications.
Description: Thesis (MPhil) - University of Ghana,2015
Appears in Collections:Development Studies

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