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Title: The Phenomenon of Bases in Ghanaian Muslim Communities In Accra
Authors: Sarbah, C.E.
Sulemana, H.M.
Mohammed, A.B.
University of Ghana, College of Humanities, School of Arts, Department of Religions
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: University of Ghana
Abstract: Many people including some scholars are of the view that Bases are places of negative ideas and attitudes. They argue further that Bases increase the level of crime in the community and that; they also encourage laziness and discourage education. These points of view criminalise the phenomenon of Bases and seek their abolition. On the other hand, some people think that Bases contribute in one way or the other to the security of the community. They serve as mouth pieces for the youth of various communities. Additionally they give the people a sense of identity and a feeling of belongingness. They also contribute to the religious and social life of the community. The research adopted functional and theological approaches in tandem with the theory of amr bil ma’roof Wanahy anil munkar (enjoining virtue and forbidding indecency) to investigate the socio-religious activities of the Bases. This was done by drawing materials from oral and written sources on the emergence and activities of the Bases. The study concluded that, the Bases are being transformed into religious groups and they also contribute to the development of Islam in Accra. Attention is drawn to the fact that, there are well learned and educated personalities among the members of the various Bases. Although there are differences in doctrinal orientations of the members, the Bases are trying to bridge the gap that doctrinal differences bring in its wake. The research recommends that, the Bases should cooperate not only during religious activities but should also embark on economic ventures to generate funds to sustain their activities.
Description: Thesis (MPhil) - University of Ghana, 2015
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