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Title: An Assessment of the Phenomenon of Residential Development Close to Solid Waste Dumpsites: The Case Study of the Pantang Dumpsite
Authors: Crentsil, A.O.
Ahlijah, J. K. M.
University of Ghana, College of Humanities, Development Studies
Keywords: Solid Waste
Residential Development
Issue Date: Jul- 201
Publisher: University of Ghana
Abstract: Rapid population growth, urbanization and its associated real estate growth lead landfills to compete with residential land use, especially in peri-urban. Though the effects of landfills on residential communities are well-known in literature, there are inconclusive findings in developing countries on the effects on living close by them. This study addresses this knowledge gap by exploring the effects of the Pantang landfills on residents around it. The objectives were to examine the reasons why people chose to live or continue to live close to the dumpsite; the benefits (if any) of the landfill to residents; the risks people are exposed to. and measures to mitigate the challenges residents near the dumpsite are facing. The study used a mixed methodology, to administer structured questionnaire to 200 residents living within 200m radius from the dumpsite and engaged some squatters, landlords and the environmental officer of the Ga East Municipality in an in-depth interview. The descriptive statistical analysis and content analysis of the results showed that a large proportion of people live less than 100m from the dumpsite. Some were living in the vicinity before the place was turned into a landfill site. They continued to live there because they have built their houses already, rent is affordable and the proximity to place of work. Sixty-nine percent of the residents earned their livelihood from the dumpsite through farming and 20% are also engaged in scavenging. Despite these benefits, almost all of the respondents noted that the air pollution from smoke, fire and odor; insect/flies, leachate, litters, among others affect their health and comfort. Currently, Zoomlion waste management company has been contracted to periodically spray the dumpsite and the number of vehicles bringing waste to the site have been reduced to 60. The study recommended for a well-engineered landfill site away from residential areas to be built whiles making efforts to close down the Pantang dumpsite to avoid threatening the lives of the people.
Description: Thesis (MPhil) - University of Ghana, 2015
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