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Title: Dance Performance, an Endorsement for Advertised Products on Television in Ghana
Authors: Darko, J. D.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon,
Abstract: Television adverts in Ghana have traditionally relied on the bandwagon effect to convince viewers to patronize advertised products and services. The bandwagon argument claims that a service or product is good because many people (including celebrities and the highly respected in society) are using them. Recent television adverts have added the use of music and dance performances, in the quest for endorsements. Adverts at present show happy looking people, dancing to popular music tunes as they endorse their favorite products. This paper investigates the reasons for this paradigm shift and what value it adds to the advertisement. I study two (2) adverts on alcoholic beverages on Ghanaian television with emphasis on the music, movements, body and facial gestures, and the expression of joy, as the performers enjoy their favorite product. In addition, I interview other people who have viewed the selected adverts and found out about their reactions to them.
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