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Title: E-business Triggers: An Exploratory Study of Ghanaian Non-traditional (NTEs) Exporters
Authors: Hinson, R.
Sorenson, O.
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Journal of Electronic Ecommerce in Organizations 5(4): 55 – 69
Abstract: This study sought to ascertain what key international and local triggers accelerated or militated against their e-business adoption process in Ghanaian non-traditional export (NTE) firms. The macro international trigger explored was competition from exporters in other countries as well as an ascertainment of the significance of export direction. The macro level trigger explored hinged on the level of infrastructural support available for e-business adoption and deployment. Study focused on active non-traditional exporters in Accra. 60 firms responded to questionnaires on e-business and exporting. Analysis of the data was mainly by means of descriptive statistics. Competition acts as a trigger for e-business adoption even though its relationship to the level of internationalization could not be clearly established. E-business is important for Ghanaian exporters irrespective of where they are exporting to and they seem prepared to go electronic irrespective of the level of infrastructural within and without their export firms.
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