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Title: Preliminary insights into the influence of mobile phones in micro-trading activities of market women in Nigeria.
Authors: Boateng, R.
Hinson, R.
Galadima, R.
Olumide, L.,
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: SAGE
Abstract: This paper explores the influence of mobile phones on the micro-trading activities of women traders in Nigeria. This exploratory study adopts a qualitative research approach. A theoretical model based on the Technology Acceptance Model is used to analyse two case studies of the micro-trading activities of Nigerian market women. The findings suggest that, first, the benefits obtained by market women tend to be partly influenced by the extent of mobile access and usage by trading partners in their value chain. Second, the knowledge of the trader plays a critical role in determining the type of mobile functionality used. Market women who innovatively integrate mobile services, like mobile banking, stand to reform their market structural processes and become more economically empowered. In micro-trading activities, enhancing communication and trading processes through mobile phones improves revenue acquisition and enhances decision making and control. The research concludes with an emphasis for research and practice to increase the mobile capabilities of those at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ to beyond voice calls and text messaging. Research propositions and lessons for future research are also outlined. This paper generates new insights about the usage of mobile telephony for the enhancement of economic effectiveness of micro-traders
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