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Title: Leadership, local knowledge and water management: Lessons from fringe communities of the Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve, Ghana
Authors: Ofori, B.D
Nukpezah, D
Ayivor, J.S
Lawson, E.T
Gordon, C
Keywords: Community
Environmental Stewardship
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: International Journal of Development and Sustainability. Vol. 3:(2). Pp 353-370.
Abstract: Access to water remains a key global issue in spite of significant progress made over the past two decades towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal drinking water target. This study therefore examined how local leadership and community-based institutions contribute to effective and sustainable management of water resources and environmental stewardship in the face of climate change. The study focused on three outlying farming communities of the Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve of the forest-savannah transitional zone of Ghana. The study adopted participatory rural appraisal methodologies involving focus group discussions, interviews and observation at the community level. The study noted that the influence of local chiefs is a strong factor in the management of water resources and environmental stewardship. Lack of effective community leadership, accountability on the part of community water management committees and cooperation between indegense and migrant settlers constitute a major constraint towards achieving effective management of water resources. The study advocated for stronger cooperation among people of different ethnic backgrounds to sustain community water management. There is also the need for support from the local government and law enforcemnet agencies to enhance communiy initiatives at conflict resolution arising out of multiple use of water resources.
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