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Title: Drones, the US and the New Wars in Africa.
Authors: Attuquayefio, P.
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Citation: Attuquayefio, P. (2014). Drones, the US and the New Wars in Africa. Journal of Terrorism Research. 5(3), 3-13.
Abstract: Among the evolving challenges to global peace and security are the growing incidents of terrorism in Africa. With cases in Nigeria, Mali, Algeria, Somalia and Libya among others, the continent is fast earning a moniker as a major frontier in the US-led Global War on Terrorism. A key counterterrorism measure in this regard has been the controversial reliance on Drones. This paper examines terrorism in Africa and the US’ response in the context of drones. It argues that notwithstanding the politico-legal conundrums, drones are a useful complement to multidimensional strategies that can yield game-changing interventions in the fight against terrorism in Africa.
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