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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2011High body mass index is not associated with atopy in schoolchildren living in rural and urban areas of GhanaLarbi, Irene A; Klipstein-Grobusch, Kerstin; Amoah, Abena S; Obeng, Benedicta B; Wilson, Michael D; Yazdanbakhsh, Maria; Boakye, Daniel A
26-Sep-2012Characterization of malaria transmission by vector populations for improved interventions during the dry season in the Kpone-on-Sea area of coastal GhanaTchouassi, David P; Quakyi, Isabella A; Addison, Ebenezer A; Bosompem, Kwabena M; Wilson, Michael D; Appawu, Maxwell A; Brown, Charles A; Boakye, Daniel A
22-Aug-2014Trends in malaria admissions at the Mbakong Health Centre of the North West Region of Cameroon: a retrospective studyNdong, Ignatius C; van Reenen, Mari; Boakye, Daniel A; Mbacham, Wilfred F; Grobler, Anne F
29-Nov-2007Monitoring lymphatic filariasis interventions: Adult mosquito sampling, and improved PCR - based pool screening method for Wuchereria bancrofti infection in Anopheles mosquitoesBoakye, Daniel A; Baidoo, Helena A; Glah, Evans; Brown, Charles; Appawu, Maxwell; Wilson, Michael D
18-Apr-2010School-based participatory health education for malaria control in Ghana: engaging children as health messengersAyi, Irene; Nonaka, Daisuke; Adjovu, Josiah K; Hanafusa, Shigeki; Jimba, Masamine; Bosompem, Kwabena M; Mizoue, Tetsuya; Takeuchi, Tsutomu; Boakye, Daniel A; Kobayashi, Jun
14-Nov-2012Diversity and transmission competence in lymphatic filariasis vectors in West Africa, and the implications for accelerated elimination of Anopheles-transmitted filariasisde Souza, Dziedzom K; Koudou, Benjamin; Kelly-Hope, Louise A; Wilson, Michael D; Bockarie, Moses J; Boakye, Daniel A
1-Apr-2014Implications of low-density microfilariae carriers in Anopheles transmission areas: molecular forms of Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles funestus populations in perspectiveKwansa-Bentum, Bethel; Aboagye-Antwi, Fred; Otchere, Joseph; Wilson, Michael D; Boakye, Daniel A
11-Jul-2011Plasmodium falciparum isolates from southern Ghana exhibit polymorphisms in the SERCA-type PfATPase6 though sensitive to artesunate in vitroKwansa-Bentum, Bethel; Ayi, Irene; Suzuki, Takashi; Otchere, Joseph; Kumagai, Takashi; Anyan, William K; Osei, Joseph HN; Asahi, Hiroko; Ofori, Michael F; Akao, Nobuaki; Wilson, Michael D; Boakye, Daniel A; Ohta, Nobuo
18-Jan-2012A quick and cost effective method for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium ulcerans infectionde Souza, Dziedzom K; Quaye, Charles; Mosi, Lydia; Addo, Phyllis; Boakye, Daniel A
7-May-2012Mansonia africana and Mansonia uniformis are Vectors in the transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti lymphatic filariasis in GhanaUghasi, Josephine; Bekard, Hilaria E; Coulibaly, Maimouna; Adabie-Gomez, Delphina; Gyapong, John; Appawu, Maxwell; Wilson, Michael D; Boakye, Daniel A