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Title: Does corporate governance explain dividend policy in sub-saharan africa?
Authors: Abor, J.,
Fiador, V.
Keywords: Corporate governance; Dividend payout; Dividend policy; Sub Saharan Africa; Dividends.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Does corporate governance explain dividend policy in sub-saharan africa? International Journal of Law and Management, 55(3), 201-225.
Abstract: Purpose – This study aims to examine the effect of corporate governance on firms' dividend payout policy in sub-Saharan Africa. The study also aims to examine how dividend payout influences corporate governance. Design/methodology/approach – Using a sample made up 27 Ghanaian firms, 177 Nigerian firms, 51 Kenyan firms, and 270 South African firms covering the period 1997-2006, the paper employs a simultaneous panel regression model in its estimation. Findings – The results show that board composition and board size exhibit significantly positive relationship with dividend payout in Kenya and Ghana, respectively. Institutional ownership positively influences dividend payout among South African and Kenyan firms. In the case of Nigeria, all the corporate governance measures show significantly negative effects on dividend payout. The findings clearly suggest that, with respect to South Africa, Kenya and Ghana, good corporate governance structures lead to high-dividend payout, probably due to easy access to and low cost of external finance. However, in Nigeria, improving the governance structures may be associated with high-earnings retention or low-dividend payment in order to reduce cost of external finance. We found in the case of Ghana that, dividend payout positively affects board composition, suggesting that Ghanaian firms with high-payout tend to adopt good corporate governance structures in order to ensure protection of shareholder interest. The findings of this study certainly have important policy implications. Originality/value – This present study contributes to the corporate governance literature by looking at the importance of corporate governance in influencing firms' dividend behaviour in selected African countries.
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