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Title: Abdominal tuberculosis: A frequent diagnostic challenge
Authors: Ibrahim, E.M.
Anim, J.T.
Al-Idrissi, H.
Al Mohaya, S.
Al Dossary, J.
Grant, C.S.
Keywords: Radiography, Abdominal
Tuberculosis, Hepatic
Tuberculosis, Lymph Node
Issue Date: Apr-1985
Publisher: Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology
Citation: Ibrahim, E. M., Anim, J. T., Al-Idrissi, H., Al Mohaya, S., Al Dossary, J., & Grant, C. S. (1985). Abdominal tuberculosis: A frequent diagnostic challenge. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, 79(2), 163-167.
Abstract: In recent years, abdominal tuberculosis has become rare in many countries even where pulmonary tuberculosis still exists. A case of abdominal tuberculosis is described in a young male who presented with non-specific symptoms together with CT scan findings that simulated abdominal lymphoma. Diagnosis was established during abdominal exploration. The frequency of various presenting manifestations of abdominal tuberculosis are discussed. The report emphasizes the need for a high index of suspicion to save patients unnecessary exploratory laparatomy.
ISSN: 00034983
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