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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Ethnicity, Conflicts and Consensus in Ghana. In: Resolving Chieftaincy Succession Conflicts in Ghana: Lessons from the Wungu Province of Mamprugu, Northern GhanaTonah, S.
2008Innovations in Electoral Politics in Ghana’s Fourth Republic: An AnalysisFrempong, A.K.D
2008Retrograde type A dissection after endovascular stenting of the descending thoracic aorta. Is the risk real?Kpodonu, J.; Preventza, O.; Ramaiah, V.G.; Shennib, H.; Wheatley, G.H.; Rodriquez-Lopez, J.; Williams, J.; Diethrich, E.B.
2008Relationship between rheological, textural and melting properties of dark chocolate as influenced by particle size distribution and compositionOhene Afoakwa, E.; Alistair, P.; Fowler, M.; Vieira, J.
2008Parents’ Perceptions, Attitudes and Acceptability of Treatment for Childhood Malaria with Therapies in GhanaAdjei, G.O.; Darkwah, A.K.; Goka, Q.; Bart-Plange, C.; Alifrangis, M.L.; Kurtzhals, J.A.; Rodrigues, O.P.
2008“Rationalité, langue et literature franςcaise” La rationalite: une au plurtelle? Ed. Paulin HountondjiAmanoo, R.F.
2008Waste management and Hooded Vultures on the Legon Campus of the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana. West AfricaGbogbo, F.; Awotwe-Pratt, V.
2008The native’s nightmares as enabling discourse in Richard Wright’s native son.Yitah, H.
2008Bilateral Ureteric LigationAffram, R.K.
2008Critical issues that make reconciling Ghana’s coastal zone of fisheries with conservation an uphill task. In: J. L. Nielsoen, J. J. Dodson, K. Friendland, T. R. Hamon, J. Musick and E. Vespoor (eds.), Proceedings of the 4th World Fisheries CongressArmah, A. K.; Nunoo, F.K.E.; Koranteng, K.A.