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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010: A többnyelvű család. In: Létünk, Újvidék: Forum Könyvkiadó Intézet. 103-121. Multilingual Family. In: Létünk, Novisad (Serbia), Forum Press, pp. 103-121. ISSN 0350-4158Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2010К вопросу о содержании некоторых лингвистических терминов, Вестник ЦМО МГУ. Филология. Культурология. Педагогика. Методика. 2010. № 1. Стр. 28-31 – М: ЦМО МГУ 2010. On the Issue of the Meaning of some Linguistic Terms. In: Journal of the Centre of International Education, Moscow State University. Philology. Culturology. Pedagogy. Methodology. Moscow, Russia, pp. 28-31. ISSN 2074-8361Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2010Language Etiquette and Culture in Teaching of Foreign Languages. In: Journal “Practice and Theory in Systems of Education (P.T.S.E.)” ISSN 1788-2591 (Online), ISSN 1788-2583 (Printed) Vol. 5, Number 3 2010, Budapest, Hungary. pp. 205-218.Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2010Использование кинофильмов на практических занятиях по РКИ, «Русский язык за рубежом» №4/2010, стр. 96-100, М. The Use of Feature Films in Oral Classes of Russian as Foreign Language. In: Journal “Russkii Yasik Za Rubezhom” №4/2010, Moscow, Russia, pp. 96-100.Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2010The Role of Films in the Teaching of Foreign Languages. In: Legon Journal of the Humanities, Accra, Ghana, pp. 51-75.Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2011Русский язык набирает обороты в Гане. «Русский язык за рубежом» №3/2011, стр.100-104, М. Russian Language in Ghana. In: Journal “Russkii Yasik Za Rubezhom” №3/2011, Moscow, Russia, pp.100-104.Csajbok-Twerefou, I.; Viczai, P.
2011Народы и их юмор в обучении иностранному языку. Как ганские студенты, изучающие русский язык понимают русский юмор. Ученые записки Кафедры славянской филологии Печского университета. Посвящено открытию Русского центра в г. Печ./ под ред. Вегвари В. и др., 2011. стр. 179-188., Печ, Венгрия. Nationals and their Sense of Humor in Teaching foreign Languages. How Ghanaian Students Studying Russian Language understand Russian Humor? In: Scientific Publications of the Department of Slavic Philology of the University of Pecs. Dedicated to the opening of the Russian Center in Pecs. Edited by Vegvari V. and others. pp. 179-188.Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2011Некоторые особенности речевого этикета в обращении Гане и России и их роль в изучении иностранного языка. Русский язык сегодня. Журнал Ассоциации регионов международной культуры и русского языка. XVIII., 2011/48-49., стр. 60-70., Будапешт. Some features of Language Etiquette in Address Forms in Ghana and Russia, and their Role in learning foreign Languages. In: Russian Language today. Journal of Intercultural and Russian Language Associations of Regions XVIII., 2011/48-49. Budapest. Hungary, pp. 60-70.Csajbok-Twerefou, I.; Arthur, A.
2011A comparative study of English loans in Russian and Swahili In: Cross – Cultural Studies, vol. 24, pp.169 -189., Center for Cross-Cultural Studies, Kyung Hee University. 2011Dzahene-Quashie, J.; Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2011Humour in foreign Language Teaching, In: Journal “Practice and Theory in Systems of Education (P.T.S.E.)” ISSN 1788-2591 (Online), ISSN 1788-2583 (Printed) Vol. 6, Number 4 2011, Budapest, Hungary. pp. 327-336.Csajbok-Twerefou, I.
2009Globalization of an African Language: Truth or Fiction?Dzahene-Quarshie, J.
2009A Kente of Many Colours: Multilingualism and the Complex Ecology of Language Shift in GhanaBodomo, A.; Anderson, J.A.; Dzahene-Quarshie, J.
2009Corps en marge : représentation, stéréotype et subversion dans la littérature francophone contemporaine. In: Le corps au centre de la contestation des stéréotypes sexistes, racistes et langagiers dans Femme nue, femme noire et La plantation de Calixthe Beyala, edited by Daniel Castillo Durante, Claudia Labrosse & Julie DelormeAsaah, A.H.
2009Empathy and Rage: FGM in African Literatur. In: Female Genital Mutilation: Ambivalence, Indictment and Commitment in Sub-Saharan African Fiction, edited by Tobe Levin & Augustine H. Asaah. – BanburyAsaah, A.H.
2009Actes du Septième Colloque interuniversitaire sur la coexistence des langues en Afrique de l’Ouest. In : “La bête au service des humains: représentations des animaux dans la littérature francophone d’Afrique noire.”, edited by Abou NaponAsaah, A.H.
2009“Adding Value to the Lecture in Ghanaian Tertiary Educational Institutions”Asaah, A.H.
2009“In the Realm of the Beyond: Cross-border Life, Pan- Africanism and Identity in Kourouma’s Novels”Asaah, A.H.
2010Value as Object of Communicating and Disseminating Products from the Humanities: Enlightenment and Enlightened Perspectives. In: D. D. Kuupole, Arowolo, B. and Bakiri, I. (Eds.) Applied Social Dimensions of Language use and Teaching in West Africa.Yennah, R.
2010L’intérêt du Moi Commun chez Rousseau, Diderot et Voltaire : le cas des Accords de Partenariat Économique aujourd’huiYennah, R.
2010Inalienable Possession: The Syntax of Personal Reference in SwahiliDzahene-Quarshie, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49
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