The Effectiveness of NTU Africentric System of Psychotherapy in the Management of Trauma among Refugees in Ghana

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dc.description.abstract Ntu psychotherapy is an African centred system of psychotherapy specifically developed to deal with a wide variety of psychological and social problems. The present study sought to investigate how effective Ntu psychotherapy is in the management of trauma among refugees. The objective of the study was to investigate if Ntu psychotherapy could lead to an alleviation of signs and symptoms of psychotrauma. The study was also aimed at helping to establish a baseline or reference for which an African culturally competent intervention can be further developed or adopted. The study employed a mixed method approach. Qualitative data was collected and analysed to identify the major psychological challenges of refugees who are living in the refugee camps. Quantitatively the study employed a within-subject multiple baseline approach. Thus, each participant served as their own control. There was an initial baseline (pre test) established and then there were two other post-test measurements taken; one in the middle of the study and another at the end of the study. The results showed that participants who undertook Ntu psychotherapy reported a continuous steady improvement in trauma, thus confirming the effectiveness of Ntu psychotherapy. Participants who underwent Ntu Psychotherapy also reported a significant improvement in symptoms of trauma such as somatization, depression, anxiety, hostility and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. The study further revealed that Ntu psychotherapy brought about an increase of the individuals Africentrism (Awareness and consciousness of being African). The study further showed that Ntu psychotherapy can be applied as a suitable system of therapy for persons of African origin. The study recommends further evidence-based research into Ntu psychotherapy and its potential for use across a wider spectrum of psychological disorders among more diverse cultures. It also recommended that Ntu psychotherapy could be used to provide psychological services in Ghana because its philosophy and techniques are wellgrounded in African belief systems en_US
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dc.subject NTU Africentric System en_US
dc.subject Ghana en_US
dc.title The Effectiveness of NTU Africentric System of Psychotherapy in the Management of Trauma among Refugees in Ghana en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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