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Title: Sr. Roberto Canas, June 19,1997
Authors: Canas, R.
Keywords: Sr. Roberto Canas
El Salvador
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2013
Description: The interview was recorded in San Salvador, El Salvador,on June 19, 1997.The Interviewer was Jean Krasno. Once the civil war was over, the Truth Commission was installed in El Salvador for the purpose of investigating hundreds of massacres, summary executions and disappearances. On March 15, 1993, the group submitted to the United Nations a report concluding that 85 percent of the crimes committed in the conflict were the responsibility of the armed forces. On the same day that the members of the Truth Commission – Belisario Betancur, Thomas Buergenthal and Reinaldo Figueredo Planchart – submitted the results of their investigation, which had taken more than six months, then President Alfredo Cristiani Burkard of the ARENA party [Alianza Republicana Nacionalista] was promoting the implementation of an “immediate amnesty.” Five days later, the Legislative Assembly satisfied the president’s wish: dispensing with red tape, it passed the Law of General Amnesty for Consolidation of the Peace, which blocked any effort to prosecute persons implicated in criminal acts during the 12-year war. Human rights activists immediately protested the cloak of impunity the law-making body had decreed and brought a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality before the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, led then by former magistrate Agustín García Calderón.
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