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Title: Impalement injuries of the chest.
Authors: Edwin, F.
Tettey, M.
Sereboe, L.
Aniteye, E.
Kotei, D.
Tamatey, M.
Entsuamensah, K.
Delia, I.
Frimpong-Boateng, K.
Keywords: Impalement injuries, thoracic, mechanisms, debridement, management
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Edwin, F., Tettey, M., Sereboe, L., Aniteye, E., Kotei, D., Tamatey, M., Entsuamensah, K., . . . Frimpong-Boateng, K. (2009). Impalement injuries of the chest. Ghana Medical Journal, 43(2), 86-89.
Abstract: Impalement injuries of the chest are uncommon in civilian practice with few reports in the literature. We report three cases of thoracic impalement seen over a 5 year period with unusual underlying mechanisms. In two of the cases, the impalement was obvious; in the third, the impalement was concealed having occurred 5 months earlier. In Case 1, the underlying mechanism was a high-speed road traffic accident. The patient was impaled by a metallic square pipe piled by the roadside. In Case 2, the gun-housing of a locally-made rifle gave way as it was fired and allowed a reverse ejection of the barrel during recoil that impaled the hunter's chest. In Case 3, a domestic assault with an old umbrella caused an impalement injury as one of the umbrella spokes broke off, penetrated and lodged in the left chest going unnoticed for 5 months. Persistent chest pain and haemoptysis led to a request for chest radiographic examination upon which the foreign body was discovered. Massive haemoptysis brought the patient to emergency thoracotomy. All three patients underwent thoracotomy with a successful outcome.
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