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Title: Cytoimmunologic monitoring in early and late acute cardiac rejection
Authors: Fieguth, H.
Haverich, A.
Schafers, H.
Wahlers, T.
Herrmann, G.
Frimpong-Boateng, K.
Cremer, J.
Kemnitz, J.
Borst, H.G.
Keywords: EMTREE drug terms: azathioprine; cyclosporin a; methylprednisolone; prednisolone; steroid; thymocyte antibody
EMTREE medical terms: adolescent; adult; heart graft rejection; heart muscle biopsy; heart transplantation; human; intravenous drug administration; lymphoblast; major clinical study; methodology
MeSH: Adolescent; Adult; Bacterial Infections; Biopsy; Endocardium; Female; Graft Rejection; Heart Transplantation; Human; Immunosuppressive Agents; Lymphocyte Activation; Male; Middle Age; Myocardium; Time Factors
Issue Date: 1988
Citation: Fieguth, H. -., Haverich, A., Schafers, H. -., Wahlers, T., Herrmann, G., Frimpong-Boateng, K., . . . Borst, H. G. (1988). Cytoimmunologic monitoring in early and late acute cardiac rejection. Journal of Heart Transplantation, 7(2), 95-101.
ISSN: 02782723
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