Adult Education Activities of Community-Based Organizations in the Akuapem North District of the Eastern Region of Ghana

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dc.description.abstract While Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are quite small and less structured and organized, indications are that they offer various services towards the development of the various communities they are located in and can also serve as a channel to overall national development. Prime among these services are the provision of Adult Education (AE) activities that are meant to empower community members to take control of their own development. These activities increases the knowledge base of participants, gives or improves on their skills and brings about a positive attitudinal change towards growth. Despite these several roles CBOs play in community development and education, they are almost unknown and their roles in development overlooked or understated. This study therefore sought to identify the AE activities of CBOs to find out the part they play in helping in the developmental processes of the people in the community. The study was a survey research using a sample of fifty seven (57) CBO heads selected purposively because their organization offered AE activities and twenty (20) heads of beneficiaries groups of the various AE activities offered by the CBOs who were conveniently selected because of the lack of sampling frame. Geographically, the study focused on the Akuapem North district of the Eastern region of Ghana. Descriptive research design was used for the study. Data, thus, was collected by using a semi structured questionnaire and an interview schedule to answer research questions concerning the AE activities of CBOs and community development in the district. Fifty (50) representing 87.7% of the CBOs provided AE activities that were knowledge-based; their main aim was to impart knowledge. Forty (40) CBOs studied provided activities that are meant to teach new or improve on the skills of community members while thirty seven (37) which represents 64.9% provide AE activities that promote positive attitudinal change. Community members were overall satisfied with the work of CBOs in helping them in their personal development, developing the community and empowering them to be able to fit into the society. Generally, all the CBOs studied were gender sensitive in their AE activities; that is both sexes were given equal opportunities to develop through the organization of AE activities in the community. It was concluded that CBOs organized numerous AE activities that help to increase the capacity of community members towards their personal and community development. These AE activities can be classified in three; those meant to create awareness, the activities that impart or improves on skills and those that bring about a positive attitude. Most of the CBOs in the Study area provided knowledge-based AE activities but what was most likely needed by community members is skills base activities. Even though all the CBOs studied were gender sensitive in their AE activities, some pertinent gender issues that still incapacitate women should be carefully looked at and improved upon where necessary. Recommendations made included CBOs educating community members first before any development is brought to them, the government and other stakeholders lending a helping hand to CBOs in their community development efforts, the involvement of NFED in training of CBO leadership and members and public awareness creation by the media. Also, gender roles should be critically looked at by CBOs in the organization of AE activities and the adoption of applicable models of the study by CBOs to make them (CBOs) effective and efficient en_US
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dc.subject Adult Education en_US
dc.subject Community-Based Organizations en_US
dc.subject Akuapem North District en_US
dc.subject Ghana en_US
dc.title Adult Education Activities of Community-Based Organizations in the Akuapem North District of the Eastern Region of Ghana en_US
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