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Title: Good Governance: A Strategy for Sustainable Development in Sierra Leone
Authors: Antwi-Danso, V.
Hashim, M.M.,
University of Ghana, College of Humanities, Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy
Keywords: Good
Sierra Leone
Strategy for Sustainable Development
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: University of Ghana
Abstract: Good governance engenders participatory democracy, it ensures the rule of law, public accountability and creates the requisite state institutions and economic environments that will make the private sector thrive well. Good governance and sustainable development are indivisible. Governance, especially when it assumes a normative dimension of being qualified as good, is generally believed to be a basis for the reconstruction of the state, especially societies shattered by war and policy in Africa. It is a means through which the people’s voices and expressions input into their life chances as it avows the principles of dialogue, consultation, consensus, and popular consent in decision-making and public policies. Without the people being the driving force of development, which good governance exposes, development can hardly take place and if it does, it cannot be sustainable. The aim of this study is to examine the progress, prospects and challenges of governance in post-conflict Sierra Leone. The overarching purpose is to enhance our understanding of why efforts should be made to monitor and evaluate governance in post-conflict countries with a view of making policies and democratic institutions better. Recognizing that lack of democratic governance results in the marginalization of citizens; who then pose a threat to peace and security, the current regime has defined its main objective in Sierra Leone as the promotion of good governance and transparency. The study tries to identify the opinions of governance experts, civil society activist, parliamentarians intellectuals and political parties on what governance in Sierra Leone has look like since the war ended in 2002.One thing that came out clearly was that governance and democracy are central to Sierra Leone’s social, political and economic renewal. Some recommendations or suggestions have been proffered to government and civil society based on the findings of the research which need to be addressed especially when Sierra Leone is approaching the milestone general elections in 2010. It is therefore the fervent hope of the researcher that this piece of work will not only be useful to political leaders, but also to academicians, professional, civil society organizations to name but a few.
Description: Thesis (MA) University of Ghana,2014
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