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Title: Corporate Social Responsibility in Ghana
Authors: Amponsah-Tawiah, K.
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility
Mining Industry
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) an ethical, non-legislative, non-forcing approach to promoting responsible behaviours within organisations employs the central route of persuasion which consists of thoughtful considerations of arguments to achieve desired results. Studies suggest that attitudes that change through persuasion are more likely to persist temporally, resist counter persuasion and are more likely to predict behaviour (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986). It is therefore worthwhile examining the usage of the CSR concept in Ghana particularly in the mining industry where it enjoys some popularity. This paper defined CSR as the strategic decision of an organisation to voluntary act upon the social factors that have the potential of militating against the fulfillment of corporate goals and examines the CSR concept in the Ghanaian mining industry. In Ghana the concept has tended to focus on the external environment to the neglect of the internal environment from where employees operate.
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