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Title: Tech Start-Ups and the Entrepreneurial Renaissance in Africa: The New Frontier for Development?
Authors: Attuquayefio, P.
Dieu-Donne , G.
University of Ghana, College of Humanities, Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy
Keywords: Tech Start-Ups
Entrepreneurial Renaissance
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: University of Ghana
Abstract: Africa has been perennially touted as a continent heavily dependent on aid for its development. However, with the advent of a global focus on entrepreneurship, there are a lot of euphoria surrounding tech start-ups amidst talks of an “Africa rising”, where the continent is believed to be at the threshold of asserting itself and developing economically. The study of entrepreneurship has often been side-lined in academia. This is even more pronounced on the continent where literature on entrepreneurship is almost non-existent that it is difficult to give substance to the claim of tech start-ups being the new frontier for the continent’s development. Consequently the purpose of this study is to find the contribution of tech start-ups in Africa to the continent’s development. The study relied on qualitative research methodology where unstructured interviews and observation techniques were employed to gain insights into the continent’s start-up ecosystem and also a review of relevant literature. Findings revealed that the main contributions of tech start-ups to development on the continent are innovation, the creation of jobs and increased competition between firms. Beyond the proliferation of tech start-ups on the continent, the study found major challenges that could inhibit the promise of tech start-ups to the economic growth and development of states on the continent. It is recommended that African states and private stakeholders be deliberate about solving these challenges so as to enhance the competitiveness and appeal of start-up ecosystems on the continent.
Description: Thesis(M.A)-University of Ghana, 2015
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