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Title: Food Security and Natural Resources Management: Overview on Climate Change Implications for Africa
Authors: Gordon, C.
Jallow, A.
Tweneboah, E.
Ayivor, J.S.
Mensah, A.M.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Accra, Ghana
Citation: Nature & Faune, Vol. 25, Issue 1: 10-16
Abstract: In Africa, agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors to climate change because of its seasonality, the lack of resilience to disaster of the peasant farmers, the presence of major non-climatic stressors that influence sensitivity to changes in climatic conditions, and endemic poverty. This paper examines the implications of climate change for food security and natural resource management in Africa. It presents information on the current state of knowledge on the vulnerability, impact and adaptation of African agriculture and natural resources to climate change. Though the impacts of climate change on smallholder and subsistence farmers will be locally specific and hard to predict, research has shown clear crop physiological and agronomic evidence that climate change will significantly reduce productivity in some cases while increasing productivity in others. An increase in the frequency and severity of flooding will result in the loss of agricultural land and yield. Changes in habitat type caused by increase in number of dry days and higher temperatures are predicted to cause loss of species due their limits of tolerance being reached. The main conclusion of the paper is that climate change must be seen as an opportunity for African governments to strengthen measures to develop agriculture and natural resources management to ensure food security for their people. Climate change will impact disproportionately on poorer African countries, especially Small Island States and those in the Sahel. Governments that follow the “business as usual” approach to climate change will lose out on the opportunities that climate change offers to development.
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