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Title: Rapid mapping of schistosomiasis and other neglected tropical diseases in the context of integrated control programmes in Africa
Authors: Brooker, S.
Kabatereine, N.B.
Gyapong, J.O.
Stothard, J.R.
Utzinger, J.
Keywords: Neglected tropical diseases
geographical information system
rapid mapping
morbidity questionnaires
lot quality assurance sampling
integrated control
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: UKPMC Funders Group
Citation: Parasitology. 2009 November ; 136(13): 1707–1718
Abstract: There is growing interest and commitment to the control of schistosomiasis and other so-called neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Resources for control are inevitably limited, necessitating assessment methods that can rapidly and accurately identify and map high-risk communities so that interventions can be targeted in a spatially-explicit and cost-effective manner. Here, we review progress made with (i) mapping schistosomiasis across Africa using available epidemiological data and more recently, climate-based risk prediction; (ii) the development and use of morbidity questionnaires for rapid identification of high-risk communities of urinary schistosomiasis; and (iii) innovative sampling-based approaches for intestinal schistosomiasis, using the lot quality assurance sampling technique. Experiences are also presented for the rapid mapping of other NTDs, including onchocerciasis, loiasis and lymphatic filariasis. Future directions for an integrated rapid mapping approach targeting multiple NTDs simultaneously are outlined, including potential challenges in developing an integrated survey tool. The lessons from the mapping of human helminth infections may also be relevant for the rapid mapping of malaria as its control efforts are intensified.
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