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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Diversity is demonstrated in class I HLA-A and HLA-B alleles in cameroon, africa: Description of HLA-A*03012, *2612, *3006 and HLA-B*1403, *4016, *4703Ellis, J.M.; Mack, S.J.; Leke, R.F.G.; Quakyi, I.A.; Johnson, A.H.; Hurley, C.K.
2010Preterm delivery and low birth weight among neonates born to HIV-positive and HIV-negative Ghanaian womenLaar, A.K.; Ampofo, W.; Tuakli, J.M.; Norgbe, G.K.; Quakyi, I.A.
1986Plasmodium falciparum and P. knowlesi: Initial identification and characterization of malaria synthesized glycolipids.Sherwood, J.A.; Spitalnik, S.L.; Aley, S.B.; Quakyi, I.A.; Howard, R.J.
1985Rationale for development of a synthetic vaccine against plasmodium falciparum malariaZavala, F.; Tam, J.P.; Hollingdale, M.R.; Cochrane, A.H.; Quakyi, I.A.; Nussenzweig, R.S.; Nussenzweig, V.
1989Restricted or absent immune responses in human populations to plasmodium falciparum gamete antigens that are targets of malaria transmission-blocking antibodies.Carter, R.; Graves, P.M.; Quakyi, I.A.; Good, M.F.
1991Induction of plasmodium falciparum transmission-blocking antibodies by recombinant vaccinia virusKaslow, D.C.; Isaacs, S.N.; Quakyi, I.A.; Gwadz, R.W.; Moses, B.; Keister, D.B.
1987The 230-kDa gamete surface protein of plasmodium falciparum is also a target for transmission-blocking antibodiesQuakyi, I.A.; Carter, R.; Rener, J.; Kumar, N.; Good, M.F.; Miller, L.H.
1989Minimal variation in a vaccine candidate from the sexual stage of plasmodium falciparum.Kaslow, D.C.; Quakyi, I.A.; Syin, C.; Raum, M.G.; Keister, D.B.; Coligan, J.E.; Miller, L.H.
1988Limited immunological recognition of critical malaria vaccine condidate antigensGood, M.F.; Miller, L.H.; Kumar, S.; Quakyi, I.A.; Keister, D.; Adams, J.H.; Carter, R.
1980The development and validation of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for malariaQuakyi, I.A.