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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007V beta profiles in African children with acute cerebral or uncomplicated malaria: very focused changes among a remarkable global stabilityLoizon, S.; Boeuf, P.; Tetteh, J.K.; Goka, B.; Obeng-Adjei, G.; Kurtzhals, J.A.; Rogier, C.; Akanmori, B.D.; Mercereau-Puijalon, O.; Hviid, L.; Behr, C.
1988A vaccine candidate from the sexual stage of human malaria that contains EGF-like domains.Kaslow, D.C.; Quakyi, I.A.; Syin, C.; Raum, M.G.; Keister, D.B.; Coligan, J.E.; Miller, L.H.
2001Vaccine-modified measles in previously immunized children in Accra, Ghana: Clinical, virological and serological parameters.Ishiwada, N.; Addae, M.M.; Tetteh, J.K.A.; Yempewu, S.M.; Ofori-Adjei, D.; Kamiya, H.; Akanmori, B.D.
2007Vaginal birth after cesarean delivery in the West African settingAdanu, R.M.K.; MacCarthy, M. Y.
Sep-2007Vaginal birth after cesarean delivery in the West African setting.Adanu, R.M.K.; McCarthy, M.Y.
2005Vaginal flora of first time urban family planning attendants in Accra, GhanaLassey, A.T.; Newman, M.J.; Opintan, J.A.
2010Validation and application of quality assurance methods developed for artemisinin-based antimalarial drugs to assess the quality of a selection of such drugs distributed in Accra, GhanaOsei-Safo, D.; Harrison, J.J.E.K.; Addae-Mensah, I.
Jul-2015Validation of Calculated Tissue Maximum Ratio (TMR) Obtained from Measured Percentage Depth Dose (PPD) Data for High Energy Photon Beam (6 MV and 15 MV)Schandorf, C; Kyere, A.W.K; Tagoe, S.N.A; Osei, J.E; University of Ghana, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences
2009Validation of the Revised Quick Cognitive Screening TestMate-Kole, C.C.; Conway, J.; Catayong, K.; Sackey, N.; Bieu, R.; Fellows, R.; Wood, R.
2011Validation of the WHO Tool for Situational Analysis to Assess Emergency and Essential Surgical Care at District Hospitals in GhanaChang, D.C.; Choo, S.; Perry, H.; Abantanga, F.; McCord, C.W.; Chrouser, K.; Abdullah, F.
11-Aug-2015Validation of three pain scales among adult postoperative patients in GhanaAziato, Lydia; Dedey, Florence; Marfo, Kissinger; Asamani, James A; Clegg-Lamptey, Joe N A
Jul-2015Validation of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (Wais-Iv) in the Ghanaian PopulationAnum, A.; Opoku, J. Y.; Miezah, D.; University of Ghana, College of Humanities School of Social Sciences Department of Psychology
Jul-2014Validity Assessments of Computerized Audiometry: A Case Involving the Kuduwave5000 Audiometer and the Acescreening DeviceUniversity of Ghana, College of Health Sciences, School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences, Department of Audiology, Speech and Language; Sampong, S. A.; Boafo, N.; Adjekum, R. N.
2010Value as Object of Communicating and Disseminating Products from the Humanities: Enlightenment and Enlightened Perspectives. In: D. D. Kuupole, Arowolo, B. and Bakiri, I. (Eds.) Applied Social Dimensions of Language use and Teaching in West Africa.Yennah, R.
2010“The value chain and e-business in exporting: Case studies from Ghana's non-traditional export (NTE) sector” Telematics and InformaticsHinson, R.
Jul-2015Value Creation through Customer Service Experience: A Study of Selected Churches in GhanaKastner, A.; Narteh, B.; Nyamekye, M.; University of Ghana-College of Humanities Business School Department of Marketing and Consumer Management; University of Ghana,College of Humanities Business School Department of Marketing and Consumer Management
1921A Vanished DynastyFuller, F.
Mar-2013VAR2CSA Duffy Binding like (DBL) Domains and Non-Specific IgM Binding in the Acquisition of Acquired Immunity to Pregnancy-Associated Plasmodium falciparum MalariumOfori, M.F.; Adjei, A.A.; Frimpong, A.