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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014L'Economie du Gabon: Une Economie a la Remorque de son PetroleKuto, E.K.; Yennah, R.; Sandison, A.
2012La contribution des Philosophes des Lumières à la méthodologie de recherche universitaireYennah, R.
2007La petite fille du réverbère de Calixthe Beyala ou quand le texte se fait un jeu d’éclat, d’échos et écartsAsaah, A.H.
2007La relation alimentation-sexualité dans la fiction africaine francophoneAsaah, A.H.
2015La stabilité démocratique: Une solution pour la consolidation de la paix en Afrique de l’ouest – Le cas du Ghana. (Democratic Stability as a Necessity for Peace Consolidation in West Africa: Ghana’s Experience)Amoakohene, M.I.
2008Laboratory diagnosis of dual HIV-1/HIV-2 infection in Ghanaian patientsBonney, E.Y.; Sackey, S.T.; Brandful, J.A.
2011Laboratory evaluation of the susceptibility of adult Africa Invader Fly, Bactrocera invadens (Diptera: Tephritidae) To NuLure-based bait of some selected insecticides commonly used by mango farmers in GhanaAbdullahi, G.; Obeng-Ofori, D.; Afreh-Nuamah, K.; Billah, M.K.
2011Laboratory Evaluation of The Susceptibility of Adult African Invader Fly Bactrocera Invadens (Diptera : Tephritidae) To Nulure-Based Bait of Some Selected Insecticides Commonly Used By Mango Farmers In GhanaAbdullahi, G.; Obeng-Ofori, D.; Afreh-Nuamah, K.; Billah, M.K.
Aug-2001Laboratory Rearing of the Cocoa Aphid Toxoptera Aurantii (Boy) and Screening Cocoa Genotypes for their Resistance to the AphidPadi,B.; Attah, P.K.; Owusu, E.; Clottey, E.A.; University of Ghana, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science (DABCS)
2012Labour Market Discrimination in Ghana: A Gender DimensionBaah-Boateng, W.
Oct-2011Labour migration during the colonial period to the Obuasi mines in GhanaOfosu-Mensah, E.A.
Jul-2013Labour Mobility and Development among the Dagaaba (Dagara) of the Nandom Traditional AreaBadasu, D.; Claver, Z.P.
2008Lack of Association between LOXL1 Variants and Primary Open- Angle Glaucoma in Three Different PopulationsYutao, L.; Schmidt, S.; Qin, X.; Gibson, J.; Hutchins, K.; Santiago-Turla, C.; Wiggs, J.L.; Budenz, D.L.; Akafo, S.; Challa, P.; Herndon, L.W.; Hauser, M.A.; Allingham, R.R.
2000Lack of association between maternal antibody and protection of African infants from malaria infection.Riley, E.M.; Wagner, G.E.; Ofori, M.F.; Wheeler, J.G.; Akanmori, B.D.; Tetteh, K.; McGuinness, D.; Bennett, S.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Anders, R.F.; Koram, K.A.
10-Apr-2012Lack of Evidence from Studies of Soluble Protein Fragments that Knops Blood Group Polymorphisms in Complement Receptor-Type 1 Are Driven by MalariaTetteh-Quarcoo, P.B.; Schmidt, C.Q.; Tham, W.-H.; Hauhart, R.; Mertens, H.D.T.; Rowe, A.; Atkinson, J.P.; Cowman, A.F.; Rowe, J.A.; Barlow, P.N.
Jul-2003Lack of gender-specific antibody recognition of products from domains of a var gene implicated in pregnancy-associated plasmodium falciparum malaria.Jensen, A. T. R.; Zornig, H. D.; Buhmann, C.; Salanti, A.; Koram, K. A.; Riley, E. M.; Theander, T.G.; Hviid, L.; Staalsoe, T.
2009Lack of insertional-deletional polymorphism in a collection of mycobacterium ulcerans isolates from Ghanaian buruli ulcer patientsKäser, M.; Gutmann, O.; Hauser, J.; Stinear, T.; Cole, S.; Yeboah-Manu, D.; Dernick, G.; Certa, U.; Pluschke, G.
2011Land Tenure Security, Investment and the Environment in GhanaTwerefou, D.K.; Osei-Assibey, E.; Agyire-Tetteh, F.
2014Land Use and Landscape Structural Changes in the Ecoregions of GhanaAntwi, E.K.; Boakye-Danquah, j; Asabere, S.B.; Yiran, G.A.B.; Loh, S.K.; Awere, K.G.; Abagale, F.K.; Asubonteng, K.O.; Attua, E.M.; Owusu, A.B.
Jul-2015Land Use Change Implications for Farm-Based Livelihoods in AbokobiDzanku, F. M.; Sunu, C. M.; University of Ghana, College of Humanities, Development Studies