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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012C-reactive protein (CRP) promoter polymorphisms influence circulating CRP levels in a genome-wide association study of African AmericansDoumatey, A.P.; Chen, G.; Ayele, F.T.; Zhou, J.; Erdos, M.; Shriner, D.; Huang, H.; Adeleye, J.; Balogun, W.; Fasanmade, O.; Johnson, T.; Oli, J.; Okafor, G.; Amoah, A.; Eghan, B.A.; Agyenim-Boateng, K.; Acheampong, J.; Adebamowo, C.; Gerry, N.P.; Christman, M.F.; Adeyemo, A.; Rotimi, C.N.
Jun-2016Cactus Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica L): A Future Asset for Sustainability of Drylands in Northern EthiopiaBariagabre, S.A.; Asante, I.A.; Gordon, C.; Ananng, T.Y.
2002Caesarean myomectomy.Kwawukume, E.Y.
Sep-2002Caesarean section and birth weight at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital--preliminary report.Seffah, J.D.
2001Caesarean section in developing countries.Kwawukume, E.Y.
2012Calcium montmorillonite clay reduces urinary biomarkers of fumonisin B1 exposure in rats and humansRobinson, A.; Johnson, N.M.; Strey, A.; Taylor, J.F.; Marroquin-Cardona, A.; Mitchell, N.J.; Afriyie-Gyawu, E.; Ankrah, N.A.; Williams, J.H.; Wang, J.S.; Jolly, P.E.; Nachman, R.J.; Phillips, T.D.
2015Calibration of High Dose Rate Cobalt-60 Source Using a Farmer Type Chamber in A Locally Constructed Hollow PhantomKambauwa, J.D
Feb-2005Calpain-10 gene polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes in West Africans: The Africa America Diabetes Mellitus (AADM) StudyChen, Y.; Kittles, R.; Zhou, J.; Chen, G.; Adeyemo, A.; Panguluri, R.K.; Chen, W.; Amoah, A.; Opoku, V.; Acheampong, J.; Agyenim-Boateng, K.; Eghan Jr., B.A.; Nyantaki, A.; Oli, J.; Okafor, G.; Ofeogbu, E.; Osotimehin, B.; Abbiyesuku, F.; Johnson, T.; Fasanmade, O.; Rufus, T.; Furbert-Harris, P.; Daniel, H.I.; Berg, K.A.; Collins, F.S.; Dunston, G.M.; Rotimi, C.N.
2008The Cambridge Dictionary of ChristianityOmenyo, C.N.
2008The Cambridge Dictionary of ChristianityOmenyo, C.N.
Dec-1998Campylobacter pylori in saudi patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: Prevalence and effect of conventional therapyal-Freihi, H.M.; al-Qurain, A; al-Gindan, Y; Ibrahim, E.M.; Satti, M.B.; Twum-Danso, K.; al-Idrissi, H.Y.; al-Ghassab, G.; al-Hamdan, A.
2007Can NGOs make a difference? Revisiting and reframing a 20-year debateOpoku-Mensah, P.
20-Jun-2006Cancer mortality patterns in Ghana: a 10-year review of autopsies and hospital mortalityWiredu, Edwin K; Armah, Henry B
2006Cancer mortality patterns in Ghana: A 10-year review of autopsies and hospital mortality.Wiredu, E.K.; Armah, H.B.
1980Cancer of the breast in AccraQuartey-Papafio, J.B.; Anim, J.T.
9-Dec-2013Cancer of the Colon and RectumNaaeder, S.B; Dakubo, J.C.B.
1994Cancer of the colon and rectum in Ghana: A 5-year prospective study.Naaeder, S. B.; Archampong, E. Q.
2007Canning Technology – Principles, Applications and Recent Technological Advances.Ohene Afoakwa, E.
Jul-2016Canonical Correlation Analysis to relate a Genomic Dataset with a Neuroimage Dataset.McIntyre, M.; Adu-Gyamfi, D.; Annan, A.; University of Ghana, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematics
Jul-2015Capital Flight and Institutional Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of CorruptionDanquah, M.; Osei-Assibey, E.; Domfeh, K.O.; University of Ghana, College of Humanities, School of Social Sciences, Department of Economics