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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Agenda for a Discussion of African Initiatives in Christianity: The WestAfrican/Ghanaian CaseOmenyo, C.N.
2013The Bible Says! Neo-Prophetic Hermeneutics in Africa.Omenyo, C.N.; Arthur, W.A
2008The Cambridge Dictionary of ChristianityOmenyo, C.N.
2008The Cambridge Dictionary of ChristianityOmenyo, C.N.
Jul-2013A Comparative Study of the Mission Histories of the Assemblies of God Church and the Church of Pentecost in GhanaOmenyo, C.N.; Atiemo, A.O.; Aleh, H.
2008Global Pentecostalism: Encounters with other Religious TraditionsOmenyo, C.N.
Jun-2012A History of Divine Word Missionaries in Ghana, 1938-2010Omenyo, C.N.; Ossom-Batsa, G.; Addai, J.K.
Jul-2015Indigenous Christian Missions in the Brong Ahafo Region: A Case Study of the Temple of Praise Church (1988-2013)Omenyo, C.N.; Ossom-Batsa, G.; Appiah, B.; University of Ghana, College of Humanities, School of Arts, Department of Religions
Jul-2014Indigenous Leadership of the Anglican Diocese of Accra, 1968 – 2012.Omenyo, C.N.; Thomas, J.C.; Quaye, D.N.A.; University of Ghana, College of Humanities School of Arts, Department of Religions
2011Man of God Prophesy Unto Me: The Prophetic Phenomenon in African ChristianityOmenyo, C.N.
2008The Spirit-Filled Goes to School: Theological Education in African PentecostalismOmenyo, C.N.
2008Theological Education in World ChristianityOmenyo, C.N.
2009Though the Missionary is dead, God lives: African Initiatives in the founding, continuation and spread of nineteenth century Wesley Methodism in Ghana/West Africa. BOLESWAOmenyo, C.N.; Zirschky, A.
2013Trans-national Protestant Missions: The Ghanaian StoryOmenyo, C.N.