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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Beyond symptom recognition: Care-seeking for ill newborns in rural GhanaBazzano, A.N.; Kirkwood, B.R.; Tawiah-Agyemang, C.; Owusu-Agyei, S.; Adongo, P.B.
1995Child morbidity and mortality following vitamin A supplementation in Ghana: time since dosing, number of doses, and time of yearRoss, D.A.; Kirkwood, B.R.; Binka, F.N.; Arthur, P.; Dollimore, N.; Morris, S.S.; Shier, R.P.; Gyapong, J.O.; Smith, P.G.
May-1996Effect of vitamin A supplementation on the growth of young children in northern Ghana.Kirkwood, B.R.; Ross, D.A.; Arthur, P.; Morris, S.S.; Dollimore, N.; Binka, F.N.; Shier, R.P.; Gyapong, J.O.; Addy, H.A.; Smith, P.G.
1993Erratum: Vitamin A supplementation in northern Ghana: Effects on clinic attendances, hospital admissions, and child mortality (Lancet, July 3, page 7)Kirkwood, B.R.; Arthur, P.; Ross, D.A.; Morris, S.S.; Gyapong, J.O.; Addy, H.A.; Tomkins, A.M.
1993Influence of morbidity on serum retinol of children in a community-based study in northern GhanaFilteau, S.M.; Morris, S.S.; Abbott, R.A.; Tomkins, A.M.; Kirkwood, B.R.; Arthur, P.; Ross, D.A.; Gyapong, J.O.; Raynes, J.G.
Apr-1995Vitamin A supplementation and childhood malaria in northern GhanaBinka, F.N.; Ross, D.A.; Morris, S.S.; Kirkwood, B.R.; Arthur, P.; Dollimore, N.; Gyapong, J.O.; Smith, P.G.
2007Vitamin A supplementation enhances infants' immune responses to hepatitis B vaccine but does not affect responses to Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccineNewton, S.; Owusu-Agyei, S.; Ampofo, W.; Zandoh, C.; Adjuik, M.; Adjei, G.O.; Tchum, S.; Filteau, S.; Kirkwood, B.R.
Aug-1995Vitamin A supplementation, morbidity, and serum acute-phase proteins in young Ghanaian childrenFilteau, S.M.; Morris, S.S.; Raynes, J.G.; Arthur, P.; Ross, D.A.; Kirkwood, B.R.; Tomkins, A.M.; Gyapong, J.O.