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1987The 230-kDa gamete surface protein of plasmodium falciparum is also a target for transmission-blocking antibodiesQuakyi, I.A.; Carter, R.; Rener, J.; Kumar, N.; Good, M.F.; Miller, L.H.
1988Allelic forms of pg195, a major blood-stage antigen of plasmodium falciparum, are expressed in liver stagesSzarfman, A.; Walliker, D.; McBride, J.S.; Lyon, J.A.; Quakyi, I.A.; Carter, R.
1988Antibodies to plasmodium falciparum gamete surface antigens in papua new guinea seraGraves, P.M.; Carter, R.; Burkot, T.R.; Quakyi, I.A.; Kumar, N.
1990Conserved and variant epitopes of target antigens of transmission-blocking antibodies among isolates of plasmodium falciparum from malaysia.Foo, A.; Carter, R.; Lambros, C.; Graves, P.; Quakyi, I.A.; Dontfraid, F.; Lewis, Jr.G.E.
1987Genetic analysis of the human malaria parasite plasmodium falciparumWalliker, D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Wellems, T.E.; McCutchan, T.F.; Szarfman, A.; London, W.T.; Carter, R.
1987Human T clones reactive to the sexual stages of plasmodium falciparum malaria. high frequency of gamete-reactive T cells in peripheral blood from nonexposed donorsGood, M.F.; Quakyi, I.A.; Saul, A.; Berzofsky, J.A.; Carter, R.; Miller, L.H.
1988Immunity to sexual stages of malaria parasitesCarter, R.; Kumar, N; Quakyi, I.A.; Good, M.; Mendis, K.; Graves, P.; Miller, L.
1988Limited immunological recognition of critical malaria vaccine condidate antigensGood, M.F.; Miller, L.H.; Kumar, S.; Quakyi, I.A.; Keister, D.; Adams, J.H.; Carter, R.
1988Mature liver stages of cloned plasmodium falciparum share epitopes with proteins from sporozoites and asexual blood stagesSzarfman, A.; Lyon, J.A.; Walliker, D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Howard, R.J.; Sun, S.; Carter, R.
1989Movement of a falciparum malaria protein through the erythrocyte cytoplasm to the erythrocyte membrane is associated with lysis of the erythrocyte and release of gametesQuakyi, I.A.; Matsumoto, Y.; Carter, R.; Udomsangpetch, R.; Sjolander, A.; Berzins, K.; Miller, L.H.
1988Plasmodium falciparum gene encoding a protein similar to the 78-kDa rat glucose-regulated stress protein.Kumar, N; Syin, C.; Carter, R.; Quakyi, I.; Miller, L.H.
1990Properties of epitopes of pfs 48/45, a target of transmission blocking monoclonal antibodies, on gametes of different isolates of plasmodium falciparumCarter, R.; Graves, P.M.; Keister, D.B.; Quakyi, I.A.
1989Restricted or absent immune responses in human populations to plasmodium falciparum gamete antigens that are targets of malaria transmission-blocking antibodies.Carter, R.; Graves, P.M.; Quakyi, I.A.; Good, M.F.