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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1982Age and sex as factors influencing remission duration in African Burkitt's lymphoma.Biggar, R.J.; Gail, M.H.; Banks, R.B.; Neequaye, J.E.; Nkrumah, F.K.
1979Burkitt's lymphoma in Ghana: Urban-rural distribution, time-space clustering and seasonality.Biggar, R.J.; Nkrumah, F.K.
1982Cerebrospinal fluid markers in African Burkett’s lymphoma with central nervous system involvementWallen, W.C.; Biggar, R.J.; Levine, P.H.; Neequaye, J.; Nkrumah, F.K.
1981Changes in presenting tumour site of Burkitt's lymphoma in Ghana, West Africa, 1965-1978.Biggar, R.J.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Neequaye, J.; Levine, P.H.
1977Combination chemotherapy in abdominal Burkitt's lymphoma.Nkrumah, F.K.; Perkins, I.V.; Biggar, R.J.
1981Direct cytogenetic studies by needle aspiration of Burkitt's lymphoma in Ghana, West Africa.Biggar, R.J.; Lee, E.C.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Whang-Peng, J.
1979Epstein-barr virus RNA in burkitt tumor tissue.Dambaugh, T.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Biggar, R.J.; Kieff, E.
1991Factors that could influence the spread of AIDS in Ghana, West Africa: Knowledge of AIDS, sexual behavior, prostitution, and traditional medical practicesNeequaye, A.R.; Neequaye, J.E.; Biggar, R.J.
1979High dose cyclophosphamide in drug resistant and relapsing Burkitt's lymphoma.Nkrumah, F.K.; Biggar, R.J.
1997HIV-1 and HIV-2 in Ghana, West Africa: Community surveys compared to surveys of pregnant women.Neequaye, A.R.; Neequaye, J.E.; Biggar, R.J.; Mingle, J.A.; Drummond, J.; Waters, D.
1985HLA-DR7 association with African Burkitt's lymphoma.Jones, E.H.; Biggar, R.J.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Lawler, S.D.
1984Humoral immune response to Epstein-Barr virus antigens and immunoglobulin allotypes in African Burkitt lymphoma patients.Biggar, R.J.; Pandey, J.P.; Henle, W.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Levine, P.H.
1984Malaria in urban and rural areas of southern Ghana: A survey of parasitaemia, antibodies, and antimalarial practices.Gardiner, C.; Biggar, R.J.; Collins, W.E.; Nkrumah, F.K.
1981Malaria, sex, and place of residence as factors in antibody response to Epstein-Barr virus in Ghana, West Africa.Biggar, R.J.; Gardiner, C.; Lennette, E.T.; Collins, W.E.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Henle, W.
1979Presenting clinical features of Burkitt's lymphoma in Ghana, West Africa.Biggar, R.J.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Perkins, I.V.
Jun-1993The prevalence of antibodies to the human T lymphotropic virus (HTLV) in GhanaBiggar, R.J.; Neequaye, J.E.; Neequaye, A.R.; Ankra-Badu, G.A.; Levine, P.H.; Manns, A.; Waters, D.
1990Specific transfer factor with activity against epstein-barr virus reduces late relapse in endemic Burkitt's lymphomaNeequaye, J.; Viza, D.; Pizza, G.; Levine, P.H.; De Vinci, C.; Ablashi, D.V.; Biggar, R.J.; Nkrumah, F.K.
1979Tumour site and renal dysfunction as factors influencing leucopenia after chemotherapy for Burkitt's lymphoma.Biggar, R.J.; Nkrumah, F.K.
1984Type-I HTLV antibody in urban and rural Ghana, West Africa.Biggar, R.J.; Saxinger, C.; Gardiner, C.; Collins, W.E.; Levine, P.H.; Clark, J.W.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Blattner, W.A.
1981Very late relapses in patients with Burkitt's lymphoma: Clinical and serologic studies.Biggar, R.J.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Henle, W.; Levine, P.H.