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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Assessment of heavy metal contamination and macro-nutrient content of compose for environmental pollution control in Ghana.Hogard, J.N.; Fobil, J.N.; Ofosu-Budu, G.K.; Carboo, D.; Ankrah, N.A.; Nyarko, A.
2012Calcium montmorillonite clay reduces urinary biomarkers of fumonisin B1 exposure in rats and humansRobinson, A.; Johnson, N.M.; Strey, A.; Taylor, J.F.; Marroquin-Cardona, A.; Mitchell, N.J.; Afriyie-Gyawu, E.; Ankrah, N.A.; Williams, J.H.; Wang, J.S.; Jolly, P.E.; Nachman, R.J.; Phillips, T.D.
1993Comparative effects of aflatoxins G1 and B1 at levels within human exposure limits on mouse liver and kidney.Ankrah, N.A.; Addo, P.G.; Ekuban, F.A.; Addae, M.M.
1994Decreased cysteine and glutathione levels: Possible determinant of liver toxicity risk in Ghanaian subjects.Ankrah, N.A.; Rikimaru, T.; Ekuban, F.A.; Addae, M.M.
2008Isolation and identification of some plant growth promoting substances in compost and co-compost.Hogard, J.N.; Fobil, J.N.; Carboo, D.; Ofosu-Budu, G.K.; Ankrah, N.A.; Nyarko, A.
1993Lead levels and related biochemical findings occurring in Ghanaian subjects occupationally exposed to lead.Ankrah, N.A.; Kamiya, Y.; Appiah-Oppong, R.; Acheampon, Y.A.; Addae, M.M.
2009PAH exposure in a Ghanaian population at high risk for aflatoxicosisOfori-Adjei, D.; Johnson, N.M.; Afriyie-Gyawu, E.; Huebner, H.; Marroquin-Cardona, A.; Robinson, A.; Tang, L.; Xu, L.; Ankrah, N.A.; Ofori-Adjei, D.; Jolly, P.E.; Williams, J.H.; Wang, J.S.; Phillips, T.D.
Aug-1984Targeting of Tlck-Coupled Liposome to Simian Virus 40 Transformed Mouse FibroblastsWei R.; Flechtner W.T.; Ankrah, N.A.; University of Ghana, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Department of Chemistry.
2010Treatment of falciparum malaria with a tea-bag formulation of cryptolepis sanguinolenta rootAnkrah, N.A.