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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Aetiology of heart failure as seen from a National Cardiac Referral Centre in AfricaAmoah, A.G.; Kallen, C.
1998Atrial myxoma--a case report and review of the literatureAmoah, A.G.; Frimpong-Manso, K.; Kallen, C.; Barwasser, H.M.
1997Blood glucose responses to mixed Ghanaian diets in healthy adult malesBrakohiapa, L.A.; Quaye, I.K.; Amoah, A.G.; Harrison, E.K.; Kennedy, D.O.; Kido, Y; Ofei, F
Jan-2008Body size and blood pressure: an analysis of Africans and the African diasporaCappuccio, F.P.; Kerry, S.M.; Adeyemo, A.; Luke, A.; Amoah, A.G.; Bovet, P.; Connor, M.D.; Forrester, T.; Gervasoni, J.P.; Kaki, G.K.; Plange-Rhule, J.; Thorogood, M.; Cooper, R.S.
Dec-2005Cardiovascular complications of diabetes mellitus in sub-Saharan AfricaKengne, A.P.; Amoah, A.G.; Mbanya, J.C.
Sep-2006The changing patterns of hypertension in Ghana: A study of four rural communities in the Ga DistrictAddo, J.; Amoah, A.G.; Koram, K.A.
1994Current trends in the incidence of cerebrovascular accidents in Accra.Nyame, P.K.; Bonsu-Bruce, N; Amoah, A.G.; Adjei, S.; Nyarko, E.; Amuah, E.A; Biritwum, R.B.
2002Diabetes in Ghana: a community based prevalence study in Greater AccraAmoah, A.G.; Owusu, S.K.; Adjei, S.
Sep-1998Endemic goitre and urinary iodine levels in rural communities in the Bolgatanga and Builsa districts of the upper east region of GhanaAsibey-Berko, E.; Amoah, A.G.; Addo, F.; Agyepong, E.
Nov-1998Facilities and resources for diabetes care at regional health facilities in southern GhanaAmoah, A.G.; Owusu, S.K.; Saunders, J.T.; Fang, W.L.; Asare, H.A.; Pastors, J.G.; Sanborn, C.; Barrett, E.J.; Woode, M.K.A.; Osei, K.
Jun-2004Feasibility of thyroid ultrasonography in field studies in a developing country, Ghana.Amoah, A.G.; Asibey-Berko, E.; Ayettey, O.M.; Addo, F.; Agyepong, E.; Lartey, A; Ndanu, T.A.
1986Further studies on the pharmacokinetics of perhexiline maleate in humansAmoah, A.G.; Gould, B.J.; Parke, D.V.; Lockhart, J.D.F.
2006Haptoglobin 2-2 is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes in Ghana.Quaye, I.; Ababio, G.; Amoah, A.G.
Jun-2003High blood pressure: the foundation for epidemic cardiovascular disease in African populationsCooper, R.S.; Amoah, A.G.; Mensah, G.A.
Jun-2003Hypertension in Ghana: a cross-sectional community prevalence study in greater AccraAmoah, A.G.
Sep-2002Insulin resistance, beta cell function and cardiovascular risk factors in Ghanaians with varying degrees of glucose toleranceAmoah, A.G.; Schuster, D.P.; Gaillard, T.; Osei, K.
1-Jul-2003Insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular risk factors in hypertensive and normotensive native ghanaiansAmoah, A.G.; Schuster, D.P.; Gaillard, T.; Osei, K.
Mar-2001Minimal model analyses of beta cell secretion, insulin sensitivity and glucose effectiveness in glucose tolerant, non-diabetic first-degree relatives of Ghanaian patients with type 2 diabetes and healthy control subjectsAmoah, A.G.; Owusu, S.K.; Ayittey, O.M.; Schuster, D.P.; Osei, K.
Aug-2000A national diabetes care and education programme: the Ghana modelAmoah, A.G.; Owusu, S.K.; Acheampong, J.W.; Agyenim-Boateng, K.; Asare, H.R.; Owusu, A.A.; Mensah-Poku, M.F.; Adamu, F.C.; Amegashie, R.A.; Saunders, J.T.; Fang, W.L.; Pastors, J.G.; Sanborn, C.; Barrett, E.J.; Woode, M.K.
Jun-2003Obesity in adult residents of Accra, GhanaAmoah, A.G.