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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Are Ghanaian MFIs performance Associated with Corporate GovernanceAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Otieku, J.
Jun-2012Assessing the Explanatory Power of Book to Market Value of Equity Ratio (BTM) on Stock Returns on Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)Aboagye, A.Q.Q.; Osei, K.; Brobbey, F.O.
2012Bank Concentration and Economic Costs of Deposit Mobilization and Credit Extension in GhanaAboagye, A.Q.Q.
2010A baseline study of Ghanaian Microfinance institutionsAboagye, A.Q.Q.
2009A business study of Ghanaian microfinance institutionAboagye, A.Q.Q.
2010Cost analysis and efficiency of Sub-District Health Facilities in two Districs in GhanaAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Degboe, A.N.K.
Jun-2013Demand for Treasury Bills in Ghana, Looking Beyond RiskAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Andoh, C.; Odarno, V.G.
2010Do export status and export intensity increase firm performanceAbor, J.; Aboagye, A.Q.Q.
2010Estimating the full cost of healthcare Delivery in three hospital in Southern GhanaAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Degboe, A.N.K.; Obuobi, A.A.D.
2008Explaining interest rate spreads in GhanaAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Akoena, S.K.K.; Antwi-Asare, T.O.; Gockel, A.F.
2008Explaining market power in the Ghanaian banking industryAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Akoena, S. K; Antwi-Asare, T; Gockel, A. F
2007Financial performance: are Ghanaian exporters doing better than non-exporters? In: J. Kuada, (ed.) International and Economic Growth Strategies in Ghana. Business PerpectiveAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Serles, D
Jun-2013Liquidity Risk and Bank Profitability in GhanaAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Gemegah, A.; Siaw, S.
2010Risk exposure and corporate financial policy on the Ghana Stock ExchangeAboagye, A.Q.Q.; Bokpin, G.A.; Osei, K.A.
2010Simulating the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis and Policy Responses on Children in Ghana. Country ReportAkoena, S.K.; Aboagye, A.Q.Q.; Antwi-Asare, T.O.; Gockel, A.F.; Hester, S.