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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Genetic analysis of the human malaria parasite plasmodium falciparumWalliker, D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Wellems, T.E.; McCutchan, T.F.; Szarfman, A.; London, W.T.; Carter, R.
1988Human and murine CD4 T cell epitopes map to the same region of the malaria circumsporozoite protein: Limited immunogenicity of sporozoites and circumsporozoite protein.Dontfraid, F.; Cochran, M.A.; Pombo, D.; Knell, J.D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Kumar, S.; Good, M.F.
2004Human leukocyte antigen class II alleles influence levels of antibodies to the plasmodium falciparum asexual-stage apical membrane antigen 1 but not to merozoite surface antigen 2 and merozoite surface protein 1Johnson, A.H.; Leke, R.F.G.; Mendell, N.R.; Shon, D.; Suh, Y.J.; Bomba-Nkolo, D.; Quakyi, I.A.
1989Human T cell recognition of polymorphic epitopes from malaria circumsporozoite proteinDe Groot, A.S.; Johnson, A.H.; Maloy, W.L.; Quakyi, I.A.; Riley, E.M.; Menon, A.; Good, M.F.
1987Human T clones reactive to the sexual stages of plasmodium falciparum malaria. high frequency of gamete-reactive T cells in peripheral blood from nonexposed donorsGood, M.F.; Quakyi, I.A.; Saul, A.; Berzofsky, J.A.; Carter, R.; Miller, L.H.
1988Human T-cell recognition of the circumsporozoite protein of plasmodium falciparum: Immunodominant T-cell domains map to the polymorphic regions of the moleculeGood, M.F.; Pombo, D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Riley, E.M.; Houghten, R.A.; Menon, A.; Miller, L.H.
1992Identification of anti-plasmodium falciparum antibodies in human breast milkLeke, R.G.F.; Ndansi, R.; Southerland, N.J.; Quakyi, I.A.; Graves, P.M.; Drake, J.C.; Allegra, C.J.
1988Immunity to sexual stages of malaria parasitesCarter, R.; Kumar, N; Quakyi, I.A.; Good, M.; Mendis, K.; Graves, P.; Miller, L.
1979Immunological abnormalities in caucasians with malariaQuakyi, I.A.; Voller, A.; Hall, A.P.
May-1980Immunological Investigation of Malaria in GhanaVoller, A; Kane, G.J.; Quakyi, I.A.; University of Ghana, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, Department of Botany
1991Induction of plasmodium falciparum transmission-blocking antibodies by recombinant vaccinia virusKaslow, D.C.; Isaacs, S.N.; Quakyi, I.A.; Gwadz, R.W.; Moses, B.; Keister, D.B.
2009Infant feeding choices and experiences of HIV-positive mothers from two Ghanaian districtsLaar, A.K.; Ampofo, W.; Tuakli, J.M.; Quakyi, I.A.
2009Infant feeding choices and experiences of HIV-positive mothers from two Ghanaian districtsLaar, A.K.; Ampofo, W.; Tuakli, J.M.; Quakyi, I.A.
2000Interaction of HLA and age on levels of antibody to plasmodium falciparum rhoptry-associated proteins 1 and 2Johnson, A.; Leke, R.; Harun, L.; Ginsberg, C.; Ngogang, J.; Stowers, A.; Quakyi, I.A.
1988Limited immunological recognition of critical malaria vaccine condidate antigensGood, M.F.; Miller, L.H.; Kumar, S.; Quakyi, I.A.; Keister, D.; Adams, J.H.; Carter, R.
1986Malaria transmitted to humans by mosquitoes infected from cultured plasmodium falciparumChulay, J.D.; Schineider, I.; Cosgriff, T.M.; Hoffman, S.L.; Ballou, W.R.; Quakyi, I.A.; Hockmeyer, W.T.
1988Mature liver stages of cloned plasmodium falciparum share epitopes with proteins from sporozoites and asexual blood stagesSzarfman, A.; Lyon, J.A.; Walliker, D.; Quakyi, I.A.; Howard, R.J.; Sun, S.; Carter, R.
1984Mechanism of pyrimethamine resistance in recent isolates of plasmodium falciparumMcCutchan, T.F.; Welsh, J.A.; Dame, J.B.; Quakyi, I.A.; Graves, P.M.; Drake, J.C.; Allegra, C.J.
1989Minimal variation in a vaccine candidate from the sexual stage of plasmodium falciparum.Kaslow, D.C.; Quakyi, I.A.; Syin, C.; Raum, M.G.; Keister, D.B.; Coligan, J.E.; Miller, L.H.
1989Movement of a falciparum malaria protein through the erythrocyte cytoplasm to the erythrocyte membrane is associated with lysis of the erythrocyte and release of gametesQuakyi, I.A.; Matsumoto, Y.; Carter, R.; Udomsangpetch, R.; Sjolander, A.; Berzins, K.; Miller, L.H.