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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1985Abdominal tuberculosis: A frequent diagnostic challengeIbrahim, E.M.; Anim, J.T.; Al-Idrissi, H.; Al Mohaya, S.; Al Dossary, J.; Grant, C.S.
Aug-2005Age-specific reference levels of serum prostate-specific antigen and prostate volume in healthy Arab menKehinde, E.O.; Mojiminiyi, O.A.; Sheikh, M.; Al-Awadi, K.A.; Daar, A.S.; Al-Hunayan, A.; Anim, J.T.; Al-Sumait, A.A.
Jul-2005Allopurinol provides long-term protection for experimentally induced testicular torsion in a rabbit modelKehinde, E.O.; Anim, J.T.; Mojiminiyi, O.A.; Al-Awadi, F.; Shihab-Eldeen, A.; Omu, A.E.; Fatinikun, T.; Prasad, A.; Abraham, M.
May-2005Amelioration of experimental colitis by Na-H exchanger-1 inhibitor amiloride is associated with reversal of IL-1β and ERK mitogen-activated protein kinaseKhan, I.; Oriowo, M.A.; Anim, J.T.
1988Angiomyolipoma of the nasal cavityDawlatly, E.E.; Anim, J.T.; El-Hassan, A.Y.
Feb-2006Angiotensin-(1-7) prevents development of severe hypertension and end-organ damage in spontaneously hypertensive rats treated with L-NAMEBenter, I.F.; Yousif, M.H.M.; Anim, J.T.; Cojocel, C.; Diz, D.I.
2001Antiinflammatory effects of cordia myxa fruit on experimentally induced colitis in ratsAl-Awadi, F.M.; Srikumar, T.S.; Anim, J.T.; Khan, I.
May-2000Assessment of different methods for staining helicobacter pylori in endoscopic gastric biopsiesAnim, J.T.; Al-Sobkie, N.; Prasad, A.; John, B.; Sharma, P.N.; Al-Hamar, I.
Oct-2006Association of linear IgA bullous disease of childhood with Crohn's diseaseNanda, A.; Dvorak, R.; Al-sabah, H.; Madda, J.P.; Anim, J.T.
Feb-1996Atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia in helicobacter pylori-associated antral gastritisSakar, C.; Anim, J.T.; Ibrahim, B.H.
1998Benign disorders of the prostate: A histopathological studyAnim, J.T.; Ebrahim, B.H.; Sathar, S.A.
1973Bephenium hydroxynaphthoate in the treatment of hookworm infection in AccraChinery, W.A.; Anim, J.T.; Ofori Attah, G.; Haddock, D.R.W.
Mar-2005BRCA1 gene expression in breast cancer in Kuwait: Correlation with prognostic parametersAmirrad, M.; Al-Mulla, F.; Varadharaj, G.; John, B.; Saji, T.; Anim, J.T.
May-2005BRCA1 gene expression in breast cancer: A correlative study between real-time RT-PCR and immunohistochemistryAl-Mulla, F.; Abdulrahman, M.; Varadharaj, G.; Akhter, N.; Anim, J.T.
1989Breast cancer as seen in King Fahd University Hospital, Al-Khobar, 1983-1986Anim, J.T.; Sohaibani, M.O.; Grant, C.S.; Tamimi, D.
1979Breast cancer in AccraAnim, J.T.
Mar-1993Breast cancer in sub-Saharan African womenAnim, J.T.
1979Breast diseases: Review of surgical material in Korle Bu hospital 1977-1978Anim, J.T.
1980Cancer of the breast in AccraQuartey-Papafio, J.B.; Anim, J.T.
1985Cerebral macroaneurysms in a Ghanaian adult population. An autopsy studyAnim, J.T.