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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1998Characterisation of inflammatory cells in benign prostatic hyperplasiaAnim, J.T.; Udo, C.; John, B.
1991Childhood fistula-in-ano: a clinico-pathological studyGrant, C.S.; Al-Salem, A.H.; Anim, J.T.; Khwaja, M.S.
1986Chondroblastoma of temporal bone: Unusual histologic featuresAnim, J.T.; Baraka, M.E.
1989Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina: Case report and review of the literatureAl-Sohaibani, M.O.; Sowayan, S.; Al-Gindan, Y.; Khwaja, S.S.; Anim, J.T.
Mar-2013Combined ciprofloxacin and amikacin prophylaxis in the prevention of septicemia after transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy of the prostateKehinde, E.O.; Al-Maghrebi, M.; Sheikh, M.; Anim, J.T.
Mar-2011Comparison of the sensitivity and specificity of urine cytology, urinary nuclear matrix protein-22 and multitarget fluorescence in situ hybridization assay in the detection of bladder cancerKehinde, E.O.; Al-Mulla, F.; Kapila, K.; Anim, J.T.
Dec-2008Could nuclear matrix protein 22 (NMP22) play a role with urine cytology in screening for bladder cancer? - Experience at Kuwait UniversityKapila, K.; Kehinde, E.O.; Anim, J.T.; Mojiminiyi, O.A.; Vinsu, A.; George, S.S.; Al-Maghrebi, M.; Al-Mulla, F.
1990Cow's-milk-induced erosive gastritis in an infantEl Mouzan, M.I.; Al Quorain, A.A.; Anim, J.T.
Dec-2002Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition and experimental colitis: Beneficial effects of phosphorothioated antisense oligonucleotide and meloxicamKhan, I.; Al-Awadi, F.M.; Thomas, N.; Haridas, S.; Anim, J.T.
Jun-2007Cytomorphology of hyaline-vascular Castleman's disease: A diagnostic challengeMallik, M.K.; Kapila, K.; Das, D.K.; Haji, B.E.; Anim, J.T.
Mar-2003Detection and follow-up of mediastinal lymph node enlargement in tuberculous pericardial effusions using computed tomographyCherian, G.; Habashy, A.G.; Uthaman, B.; Cherian, J.M.; Salama, A.; Anim, J.T.
Sep-1998The dialysed patient with both Castleman disease and Kaposi sarcomaNampoory, M.R.N.; Johny, K.V.; Sakar, C.; Al-Masry, I.; Al-Hilali, N.; Anim, J.T.
1991Differentiating medulloblastoma in adultsAmmar, A.; Al-Majid, H.; Anim, J.T.; Kutty, M.K.; Ibrahim, A.W.
Mar-2003Effect of castration on acetyl salicylic acid metabolism in rabbitsKehinde, E.O.; Eldeen, A.S.; Ayesha, A.; Anim, J.T.; Memon, A.; Al-Sulaiman, S.M.
May-2012The effect of prostate tissue inflammation in benign prostatic hyperplasia on enhancer of zeste homolog 2 ribonucleic acid expressionAl-Maghrebi, M.; Kehinde, E.O.; Al-Mulla, F.; Anim, J.T.
1997Endocarditis due to aspergillus flavusKhan, Z.U.; Sanyal, S.C.; Mokaddas, E.; Vislocky, I.; Anim, J.T.; Salama, A.L.; Shuhaiber, H.
Apr-2008Experimental colitis is associated with ultrastructural changes in inflamed and uninflamed regions of the gastrointestinal tractBou-Fersen, A.M.; Anim, J.T.; Khan, I.
Jan-2010Expression of estrogen receptor α and estrogen receptor β in fine needle aspirates of breast carcinomaKapila, K.; Anim, J.T.; Francis, I.M.; Al-Mulla, F.; George, S.S.; Behbehani, A.I.F.
1991Fistula-in-ano: A pathological studyAnim, J.T.; Sowayan, S.A.; Grant, C.S.; Al-Breiki, H.
Jan-2008Gerodermia osteodysplastica/wrinkly skin syndrome: Report of three patients and brief review of the literatureNanda, A.; Alsaleh, Q.A.; Al-Sabah, H.; Marzouk, E.E.; Salam, A.M.A.; Nanda, M.; Anim, J.T.